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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bunco in the Dark (Almost)

First, I apologize for not posting lovely #9 yesterday but I have a good excuse. This little piece of frivolity was created by Cammy Pollack of Freckled Farm. A sweet fabric and lace flower ornament was tucked inside. Gorgeous!Day 10, from Lisa Thompson, one of the wonderful swap hostesses who made this project come together. A vintage Santa image in golds and creams.
The treasure to be found inside is a teeny glittered star and the story of Lisa's best Christmas gift, a sweet beagle puppy! Thanks Lisa.
O.K. I promised an excuse. As you know, I was preparing for my Bunco Christmas party and all was going as scheduled Wednesday morning as I plopped my 6 lb. pork roast and cranberry gravy into the crock pot, made my eclair cake and prepped my appetizers. We had high wind warnings for the day. Then at noon we lost electricity. It flashed on and off a few times then...nothing! This happens occasionally, so no biggy, I thought. 5 hours later I was in a panic! Cleaning in the dark, no vacuum, oven or microwave, no heat and even worse no blow dryer! All the Bunco girl's cell phone #'s were on my computer instead of in my phone where they should be. I called my friend Sue who was coming straight from work. She said she would come a bit early with the Bunco list. I sent Joe to the store for more flashlights and candles. As Sue was driving up the street the lights came back on! Luckily the roast had been in long enough that I switched to a pan and put it in the oven for 20. Sue cut the potatoes and we roasted them, heated the appetizer, made a pitcher of cocktails and were ready for the girls at 6:30. My hair was au naturale but, hey, these are friends, right? We had a blast and it was all the more fun for the mishaps.
We swapped and stole gifts, laughed like little kids, ate and drank and were generally merry.
I look forward to being with these girls every month. We never have a bad time when we are together. Love you ladies!
As you can see, the food and drink were decimated. Ummm, I do notice which beverage was left untouched, hee hee.
Hope your day is merry and bright, P.
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Lou Cinda said...

Looks like SUCH fun!! And you are right, those make for the BEST parties!!

Lou Cinda

Teresa said...

So glad the electricity came back on in the nick of time! I didn't lose electricity, but some of my friends did...hope this is not a hint of things to come this winter.

trash talk said...

I am rolling! I love your posts like this and I love the photo of the wine bottles in the sink...along with the dirty dishes. Girl, that is keeping it real and absolutely delicious fun!
(I call my 3 lb. pork roast a pork butt!)
I think I love the teeny one with the sweet puppy story the best so far! Darling!
I keep picturing all the madness during that 5 hours and the tears keep streaming down my face from laughing so hard!
BTW, everyone I know belongs to a Bunco group. Call me crazy, but it always sounded like something illegal to me!

Geralyn Gray said...

OMGosh it seems like yesterday since your last bunco party-----time is flying.....I give you a lot of credit for posting everyday.....I am loving your advent swap.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

it appears you know how to par-tay!

still lovin' the matchbox creations - each one so pretty and imaginative!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Now, why didn't you get Receipts to take a photo of all of you together? Was it because of your hair? haha! You are good to be so calm and get every thing done at the last minute...I'd have been curled up in bed thinking my party would be a disaster! You are sooo enlightening Pam!!! You GO girl!
everything vintage

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

You guys had such fun! But now, where are those recipes? You can't go telling a person about pork with cranberry gravy and eclair cake and get their mouth all drooly and not give them the recipe!!

elena-lu said...

oh my gosh i smiled and smiled and smiled when i looked at the pics and read thi post! it sounds so fun and warm and loving!! what a perfect time!!! because even with mishaps you and everyone else had such a good time and thats whats its about and im so happy to see you see how blessed you are that makes me smile again :)

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I am seeing fun being had! ~Mindy