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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Anticipation or Anxiety?

So much for promises. I was going to try to post every day this month but as you see I am already off to a bad start. My Lia Sophia jewelry biz is going quite well (a good thing) but it takes up my blog time(bad thing). Anyhoo, here is December 2nd's cheerful matchbox. A glittery silver bell and sheet music, lace and red pom pom trim. Cute, cute, cute!Inside a darling little hand stitched bell ornie. So sweet. Unfortunately there is no name on this one to give credit.
Number 3 has sweet hanky trim that is oh so vintage, bits from a german book page, snow flake sparkle and a sophisticated touch of black ribbon. It reminds me of Grandma dressed for the holidays.
Inside is an adorable vintage Santa image in a bright red bottle cap to decorate a diminutive tree. This one is from Donna Robinson of South Dakota. No blog though, darn!
I will give a peak at the little tree these ornies are decorating as soon as I get a few more hung. Isn't this advent calendar amazing? I am anticipating each little surprise with my morning coffee. I think the simple things like this are the best part of the joy of the season. Discovering God's gifts in the small things. Just as it should be.

Have a day filled with small surprises, P.
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Its So Very Cheri said...

These are perfect for my kids to make--I love them. We make several new ornaments every year.


Jodie LeJeune said...

Awe...I'm enjoying this soooo much too! I can't wait to see what's in each little box. I'm not sure if it's anticipation or anxiety or just plain nosiness...I'll go with the nosiness! ;)
Can't wait to get my Lia Sophia jewelry from you!!! wooo whooo!
everything vintage

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Pam, the ornaments are just so sweet. Love the one with the old hanky. I'm so glad to hear that the jewelry business is doing well! Have a wonderful time with your ornies!

Teresa said...

Very, very cute. Definitely an idea I'll keep in mind for next year...and Anticipation or Anxiety...anxiety. High anxiety.

vintage girl at heart said...

These are wonderful!!!
So exciting to open every day!! Happy Belated Birthday to Joe!!! You must be so proud of him!!!

stephanie said...

Still haven't gotten out my matchboxes, but I do know (from reading another Bella's blog) that #2 was created by Stacey McGuiness. Donna did a great job too didn't she?

Anonymous said...

Hey chickadee! I love them sooo cute! hugs


Kim said...

I just love seeing all of the matchboxes. I think that I might make up a batch as an advent calendar for my daughter next year.