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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The True Bella Experience

In the interest of sharing the true Bella experience I would like to defer to one of my BFF Bellas, Jodie Lejeune of Everything Vintage. Not only is she an accomplished paper and jewelry artist, she is one talented photographer.My picture taking skills just do not convey what goes on at Silver Bella. Most of the shots of the lovely Bellas are blurred from laughing or trying to capture too much too quickly.
So instead of making you think you need a stronger eyeglass prescription I will be sending you to Jodie's blog for a better idea of just what Silver Bella is all about. (Really I am not just being lazy.) I believe in giving credit where it is due, and in Jodie's case it is truly deserved.
I will stick to crafting and creating and decorating. I will be showing you the gorgeous bits of art and ephemera I brought home with me as soon as I get this disaster area I call home back into shape. (I thought since I was down to one child still at home I would not return to a mess, haha) Anyhoo, go visit Ms. LeJeune for a real taste of the Silver Bella life.
P.S. In case you have ever wondered, Jodie pronounces her name in her own little Cajun, Louisiana version, instead of the French pronunciation, less like "La June and more like Le Jan."
Have a day filled with warmth, P.
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Jodie LeJeune said...

Oh girl, I am truly flattered that you are sending everyone to read our day to day happenings at Silver Bella. I am posting everyday and re-living it all over again!!! The ONLY bad thing is it makes me more and more lonesome for you each passing day! :(
I had soooo much fun and we can NOT wait another year to see each other again. Promise me that we won't do that!
And we'll have to get together with Deb (if she's not sick) and Zandra and Geralyn and Sandi too!!!!! Sandy, if you are reading are automatically included. Pam and I could never leave our glamour girl out...huh Pam?
Thank you for everything girl...I don't know when was the last time that I laughed so much and felt like I needed to vomit each time ;)
Love you bunches!!!!
everything vintage
(Jo D Le Jan)

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Well, I think your photos are just dandy, personally.

But, thank you for pointing me to Everything Vintage - I've become a follower.

Looking forward to more of your adventure!

trash talk said...

Sick huh? No way...not if y'all ever come my way. Next time, I'll just share the germs! Take that Miss Le Jan!
I think I am the most jealous of all the wonderful friendships that were made while y'all were at S.B. and the memories that were made. Sniff, own little pity party for one!
So glad you had such a wonderful time. You are such a talent!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Pam, sounds like you had a fabulous time. I'm like Debbie, OOOhhh, I'd love to be able to meet up with all you gals for a wonderful weekend. I'm not as artistic as the rest of you, so you'd have to put me in the pre-school class. "Crafting for Dummies" Oh well, maybe you'd feel sorry for me and let me hang around anyway!

Leanne said...

Hey Pam! I had fun with you walking around chilly Omaha Sunday morning :) I didn't realize that I was already following your blog else I would've said something at the time, LOL! This is probably a sign I'm following too many blogs, but I'm adding more on today so...

Bee Serendipitous said...

Hi Pam...I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to meet you gals...I had a great time...have a honey of a night - sweet dreams! grace peace joy & many blessings 2 U Marlene