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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I am participating in Sares Blog Party today!When I was trying to choose a name for my business and my blog I wanted something that would convey a lighthearted feeling, a bit of nonsense and silliness. The name also needed to encompass the many options that I wanted to offer, art, crafts, junk, brocante, basically anything that may be a passing whim of mine at a given time.
My blog is a part of all of this, a place to come for some fun, some decorating, a bit of how to, or just general conversation about the light side of life. I do post about serious topics occasionally but I really just want to have a good time visiting with my blog buddies. That is why I chose Frippery as the name of my blog as well as any future business I may create. The original definition, which is cast off clothes, is no longer in use. (Although I do buy my share of those to turn into something new.) The common definition is something nonessential or trivial. Showy finery, nonsense, trifles, gewgaws, bagatelle, take your pick. They all pretty much cover what I love to make and collect.
Frippery is exactly the name I was looking for to encompass any and all of the toys I play with. I find that most of the fun in life comes from the non essential things. Once we have food, shelter and income covered we are free to partake in the joy of doing what makes us happy. Creating, crafting and decorating do that for me. Picking up pretty, sparkling bits and fluff and making something lovely is my joy. Rescuing a treasure from the past and preserving it for the future makes me smile. Frippery. That's my delight.
So Frippery it is. The perfect name for what I do. Trivial, nonsense, blather blather, yep, that's me. But I sure am having a good time!
Please visit Sares blog Loveleigh Treasures and read all the different takes on this fascinating blog party topic. Better yet, join in the party.
I know it's nonessential but it is fun.

Have a frivolous day, P.
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Sares said...

What a great name for a blog! Sometimes in life a girl just needs some Frippery in her life and I think there are many of us out there that have a deep appreciation for life's pretty little baubles and castoffs. Thank you so much for joining the party today, I very much enjoyed reading about how you came to chose your blog's name. Have a loveleigh day!

Mollye said...

I love it too. We just need a little frippery in our lives don't we. I mean we do spend a lot of time in deep thinking, pondering, fixing, teaching, wondering etc. and it just feels good to take a part of our short time to just frip out. Hugs, Mollye and You go girl!

Vicki said...

I think Frippery is a wonderful name! I think we all need to participate in some fun in life and do the things we really enjoy!!! Thank you for sharing the reason behind your name. Have a fun-filled frippery kind of week! Blessings to you! Vicki

LemonyRenee' said...

I love it! And I love your music!

Anonymous said...

I have always loved the name of your blog! You are right, It brings to my mind whimsey!!
Have a Wonderful Evening!

Wanda said...

Frippery is a great a name. :) Hey, that basket of ornaments looks very familiar?? Wherever have I seen that?? :)

Jodie LeJeune said...

Okay...what's the deal? I'm late for the darn didn't come knocking on my door to see if I was ready! haha
Seriously...I'm in withdrawal mode Pam...I'm so lonesome.
I love me some Frippery!!!!!

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Lynn said...

I love the name Frippery, but I must admit that I jumped into your blog because of the picture of the hussy on your banner! :)