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Monday, November 30, 2009

More Silver Bella Swap Goodness and a Birthday!!!

Lisa Thompson and Susie Vergenz hosted the cutest little swap. I mean little, as in tiny, adorably bitty, itsy treasures. A mini matchbox Advent calendar. I have resisted the urge to open any of these small marvels to peak at what's inside. I have always been one to love surprises. I like to open my gifts last. Anticipation of the gift is the best part of any pretty package.
So...I am more day....I will post a pic of each teensy treat at the beginning of my posts. Some days that may be my only content but I am going to try to keep my promise and post something each day.
A bit of Christmas anticipation. Love every second! Speaking of love, my big little boy (OK Joe sorry I just had to say it like I feel it, tee hee) will be 22 tomorrow!!!! The best Christmas gift ever.
Happy Birthday Baby! If you would like to send him a bitsy greeting I will pass them along.

Have a lovely month of anticipation, P.
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Geralyn Gray said...

Thank you so much for the box of goodies...I just posted and made sure the linked worked!...I love this swap---what a great idea it keeps the spirit of Silver Bella flowing!

stephanie said...

Pam, can you believe I still have not looked at all my Silver Bella swaps? My booty has been dragging since we returned from Omaha.

I gotta get those out tonight since tomorrow is December 1st---Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

These blogs never cease to amaze me of the things that people will decorate!! I am in awe at some of the artwork!!
Come on over & sign up for my blog giveaway of Southern Belle Pillowcases!!
Happy Holidays!!

Gledwood said...

That's incredibly nicely put together ... I've noticed American ladies seem to have an eye for, and the ability to find funky semi-retro stuff like that... not like here. Also I once came across about a zillion "scrappers'" blogs ~ meaning keepers of scrapbooks. My Gran always did that, but hers involved magazine cut-outs. This American stuff was of another order. Very nice indeed. But they say America is bigger and better and when I get the hell out of my own (very historical, yes) country I think I'll go there!

Lovely stylish blog you got by the way ...

trash talk said...

I would prefer you give him a bitsy hug and kiss for me, 'kay?

Wanda said...

Happy Birthday, Joe (even if you are a Bengals fan)! I can't wait to see the advent boxes, Pam.

zandra said...

What a cute idea. I love things that are itsy bitsy. Happy Birthday! Hugz, Z