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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy All Saints Day!

I hope your treats were many and your tricks were few last night. We had a lovely time at our neighbor's party. Art girl had a party to attend as well. She went dressed as a punky school girl.No, that isn't a bug on the side of her nose, girlfriend got her nose pierced on Thursday. At first I said no but now I think it's kinda cute. At least she still asks our permission. Love you Sweet Peach!
Hubs and I were all about creating costumes from what we had on hand. Can you guess what we are supposed to be?
Come on... I thought this was brilliant. No? MmmmKay, maybe not brilliant, but slightly clever and VERY cheap. (and comfy, I just wore some PJ's) Still no guess?
We went as POSTER CHILDREN. Total cost, $1.00 for the pink barrettes and $2.49 for poster board and fat markers. Pictures via Photo Booth on the IMac and we had costumes!
My friend C. came dressed as Cruella DeVille and would you believe there was another Cruella there as well? I only had a few photos that were post worthy. Each time I try to get decent party photos they are all blurred. Could be that it is hard to take a good shot when you are laughing. I think she looks divine!
Hubs with our friend T. She came as a wine box that actually dispensed wine! It was also personalized with names and dates that had meaning to her. Now this is a brilliant costume! I guess having a Graphic Designer for a daughter comes in very handy. Hey T. can you top me off?
Cruella's hubs was dressed as a dalmatian. Hilarious!
One of the funniest parts of his costume were the ears. Since we all live on the same road but the houses are quite far apart, we rode with them on the back of their farm cart. Can you see how his ears flapped in the wind? Just like a real dog. Bwaaahaaahaa, heeheehee, too funny!!!
Hope your Halloween hijinks were laughable as well.

Have a restful All Saints Day, P.
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Justpeachy said...

I'm so glad my friends are still filled with whimsey and joy. I lost my whimsey and joy for a while, when I lost my real name, but now everything is back to Abby Normal. I'll find out when Dale Ernhart's birthday is, maybe it's time for another white trash party.

Sue said...

Poster kids!!! Now that's original and I love it. Good job, Pam.

Anonymous said...

Poster children???? I thought it was an ad for birth
control... "This could happen to you!!" Bwahahahahaha!! LOL!!
Loved your post!!

Cindy said...

Great the 'poster children':o) All I did was put on my Princess Lea ear muffs....

The Elegant Thrifter said...

So cute and funny. I also love the wine box!! I went as Marcel Proust, and got mistaken for either Robert Goulet or Englebert Humperdink! Stan

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

wonderful costumes - poster kids was a terrific idea.

Looks like you had a fun fun Halloween!

Lynn said...

Great post and great costumes!
Partying in your jamies!

Geralyn Gray said...

Looks like it was a fun Halloween----Happy Halloween!!!!!!!

trash talk said...

Pam, I think y'all are hilarious. I have to admit, I didn't get it at first (it's a blond thing), but once I did I laughed my a#* off. Y'all are great sports and you must hang with the coolest crowd. BTW, Baby Girl looks just like you. Maybe you should get a nose piercing too!

Sea Witch said...

Okay, that is hilarious!!! I love that you and hubs went as poster children. So creative and fun.Sea Witch

vintagepaletteart said...

OMG....thank you for the giggles this morning! I thought all your costumes were brilliant! ;o) And the way you rode to the party is the so fun! The dalmation ears flapping in the wind is priceless!