Living Graciously, Artfully, Frugally.

Consciously taking notice of the gifts each day places in our path.

“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” R. W. Emerson

Monday, November 30, 2009

More Silver Bella Swap Goodness and a Birthday!!!

Lisa Thompson and Susie Vergenz hosted the cutest little swap. I mean little, as in tiny, adorably bitty, itsy treasures. A mini matchbox Advent calendar. I have resisted the urge to open any of these small marvels to peak at what's inside. I have always been one to love surprises. I like to open my gifts last. Anticipation of the gift is the best part of any pretty package.
So...I am more day....I will post a pic of each teensy treat at the beginning of my posts. Some days that may be my only content but I am going to try to keep my promise and post something each day.
A bit of Christmas anticipation. Love every second! Speaking of love, my big little boy (OK Joe sorry I just had to say it like I feel it, tee hee) will be 22 tomorrow!!!! The best Christmas gift ever.
Happy Birthday Baby! If you would like to send him a bitsy greeting I will pass them along.

Have a lovely month of anticipation, P.
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving

My wish for you is to share a lovely day with friends and family. I am thankful for so much. One of the blessings I have received is the many and varied connections shared with all of you.Thank you.

Have a day full of gratitude, P.
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Swap Sharing (Sometimes Fat is Good)

I have been remiss in my posting about Silver Bella. Life has a way of messing up the most well intentioned plans.
My next few posts will hopefully be thank you's for swaps, classes, friendships, gifts and even a fab give away that I won!.
First of all Teresa McFayden, the girl behind the entire Silver Bella experience. Yippee! Without her there would be no Silver Bella. Thank you Teresa.
(How many things can I possibly hang around my neck?)

Then, before we move on, I won a give away on Rabbit Run Cottage blog. I received a copy of Julie and Julia which (Shocking I know) I had not read yet. I want to see the movie as well but I always like to read the book first. So this is a lovely touch of serendipity, no? Thanks Susie Q, I am thrilled!
The next gal on my list is the generous Michelle Geller who was the hostess of the Bella Holiday Fabric Fatbook swap. (See, I wasn't speaking about myself when I said fat was good.) She did an absolutely over the top job of putting all of these pages together. Are you green with envy, seeing red with jealousy? You should be. Just feast your eyes on these pretties my dears.
Michelle's cover is stunning. Love the fabric combination.
Catherine Aquilera's frosty pink and aqua page. Sweet wintery wishes.

Valita Baxley's cheerful combination of colors just makes you smile.

Hope Ellington has a way with embellishment. Just beautiful.
Michelle's own page. Are you in love with these colors?
Marie Jenkins added burlap and ephemera to the back of her creamy, dreamy page.
My page incorporated a vintage greeting card to set the color scheme above.
Cammie Pollack kept to a darling vintage feel. Her page had a pocket on back with a photo of herself as a child. Very creative.
Lisa Orme's ribbon tree in muted greens and raspberry is charming.
I somehow skipped a photo of Carmen Wagner's page. Absolutely lovely quilting and embroidery in shades of brown and cream. I will add one in my next post, promise, Carmen!
Michelle out did herself with this swap. A keepsake that will be cherished forever. Thank you to all the artists who took the time to share their talent in the pages of this book. I feel blessed to be among you.

Have a day filled with brilliance, P.
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Something Beautiful

I wanted to add this to my previous post. Glimpses of beauty persist in the hardest circumstances. One of the blogs I visit often is A Tidings of Magpies. A Critical care nurse who must deal with others at possibly the hardest moments in their lives, she posts the loveliest poems and photos. I felt her latest entry was particularly soothing. There is beauty around us in the worst of times.

Hope your day holds glimpses of heaven in the ordinary things, Pam
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Prayers and Hugs

Please send sweet Jodie your warm thoughts and prayers on the death of her beloved daddy. After much suffering he is now at peace.Now Jodie can use some extra love.

Have a day filled with precious memories, P.
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I am participating in Sares Blog Party today!When I was trying to choose a name for my business and my blog I wanted something that would convey a lighthearted feeling, a bit of nonsense and silliness. The name also needed to encompass the many options that I wanted to offer, art, crafts, junk, brocante, basically anything that may be a passing whim of mine at a given time.
My blog is a part of all of this, a place to come for some fun, some decorating, a bit of how to, or just general conversation about the light side of life. I do post about serious topics occasionally but I really just want to have a good time visiting with my blog buddies. That is why I chose Frippery as the name of my blog as well as any future business I may create. The original definition, which is cast off clothes, is no longer in use. (Although I do buy my share of those to turn into something new.) The common definition is something nonessential or trivial. Showy finery, nonsense, trifles, gewgaws, bagatelle, take your pick. They all pretty much cover what I love to make and collect.
Frippery is exactly the name I was looking for to encompass any and all of the toys I play with. I find that most of the fun in life comes from the non essential things. Once we have food, shelter and income covered we are free to partake in the joy of doing what makes us happy. Creating, crafting and decorating do that for me. Picking up pretty, sparkling bits and fluff and making something lovely is my joy. Rescuing a treasure from the past and preserving it for the future makes me smile. Frippery. That's my delight.
So Frippery it is. The perfect name for what I do. Trivial, nonsense, blather blather, yep, that's me. But I sure am having a good time!
Please visit Sares blog Loveleigh Treasures and read all the different takes on this fascinating blog party topic. Better yet, join in the party.
I know it's nonessential but it is fun.

Have a frivolous day, P.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The True Bella Experience

In the interest of sharing the true Bella experience I would like to defer to one of my BFF Bellas, Jodie Lejeune of Everything Vintage. Not only is she an accomplished paper and jewelry artist, she is one talented photographer.My picture taking skills just do not convey what goes on at Silver Bella. Most of the shots of the lovely Bellas are blurred from laughing or trying to capture too much too quickly.
So instead of making you think you need a stronger eyeglass prescription I will be sending you to Jodie's blog for a better idea of just what Silver Bella is all about. (Really I am not just being lazy.) I believe in giving credit where it is due, and in Jodie's case it is truly deserved.
I will stick to crafting and creating and decorating. I will be showing you the gorgeous bits of art and ephemera I brought home with me as soon as I get this disaster area I call home back into shape. (I thought since I was down to one child still at home I would not return to a mess, haha) Anyhoo, go visit Ms. LeJeune for a real taste of the Silver Bella life.
P.S. In case you have ever wondered, Jodie pronounces her name in her own little Cajun, Louisiana version, instead of the French pronunciation, less like "La June and more like Le Jan."
Have a day filled with warmth, P.
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Monday, November 16, 2009


Home again. I returned from Omaha and Silver Bella late last night. Just wanted to say hello. I have so much to unpack and sort through. Treasures and gifts and purchases and swaps. I feel so blessed to have been able to attend Silver Bella again. The inspiration and creativity of the beautiful women gathered together for this event is amazing!
Generous women who share techniques and ideas and even tools and supplies during classes.
Women artists who have hearts as big as their talent.
Women who adore beautiful pieces of the past and preserve these bits in their art.
Women who make art , and swap art, and always strive to please the recipient of their gift with thoughtful packaging to contain the over the top pieces they are sharing.
Women who truly appreciate the work, love and effort that goes into making art. Who understand the need to create and the desire to please others with the art they create.
I want to tell you all about these fabulous women and the gorgeous work they do.
But first, I need a nap!
Have a creative day, P.
P.S. Check around the blogs to see all the fabulous pictures the Bellas are posting. You will be inspired.
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Omaha Bound!!!

By the time you read this the mural will be complete, (Money for Silver Bella Vendor Fair, yippee), I will have my first solo Lia Sophia show under my belt, (Money for next year? Tee Hee.) and I will be madly packing and list making and fretting about what I am forgetting!I will pack and unpack my craft totes, wonder what I can safely carry on the plane, carefully pack my remaining swaps and gifts and panic about the possibility of lost luggage. Not because of clothing mind you, but because I need that glue and glitter!
I have stitched and glued and embellished myself into a frenzy. The excitement has grown to a crescendo. By the time I board my flight my hubs will be glad to see me off for few days. Wednesday morning I will be winging my way to Omaha!
Seeing my girls Sandy and Jodie again, meeting some bloggers I think of as friends although we haven't actually met, and making the acquaintance of some friends yet to be, as well as creating and learning and general joy all rolled into one fabulous weekend. How lucky can a girl get?
I do feel privileged to be able to attend this great event once again. Thanks Teresa and all who work so hard to make this weekend perfect for us artsy gals. You are peaches!
I will be back next week, a little worse for wear, glitter in my hair and memories for a lifetime!

See you soon, P.
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Work in Progress

This room has been through many changes in the 15 years we have lived here. It was our living room, then my hubs office, but on the original house plan it was the dining room. It has been painted four different colors and seen many different pieces of furniture arranged in various ways. It has never been a dining room....until now.My obsession with bead board wallpaper continues. I love it so much I ought to marry it. Speaking of marriage, my talented and handsome hubby made the window.
Ceilings are meant to be seen, not ignored.
We still have molding to add and a perfect chandelier for above the table, and pictures to be hung.
I am loving this fresh, country French feeling.
I am glad this room has returned to it's original purpose. Now, where is my cup of tea and that great book?
Have a cozy day, P.
P.S. Who am I kidding, there is no time for a cup of tea and a book. I am in the middle of painting a mural for a client with Jen of Faux Magic this week, I am feverishly finishing Silver Bella swaps, hostess gifts, roomie treats and other goodies, I am prepping for a Monday evening Lia Sophia jewelry show (my first solo), I have to get hostess packets out to my hostesses for parties, we have the Bengals on Sunday (Who Dey!!!) , I have to get my supplies for SB together , pack and find an apron for the theme night, squeeze in a day with my mom, ummm, I am sure I am forgetting something. Oh yes, try to find time to visit you all and see what's up in your lives. Plus I just remembered an estate sale that sounds like a must do tomorrow morning. Well, regardless of what I have finished I am on that plane to Omaha at 8 am Wednesday morning. Woo hoo, I cannot wait!!!
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Short and Sweet

Short and exceedingly sweet.
Bask in the beauty that surrounds you each day and be thankful.

I am having an attack of blogger guilt. No time to post or comment very much. I don't want to lose track of all of my wonderful blogging friends but for the next few weeks I see very little free time to visit. Know that I am sneaking a peak into your blogs when I have a moment.
I hope to be back on track by Thanksgiving.
Until then it's hit or miss here at Frippery.
Take care.

Have a lovely leafy day, P.
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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy All Saints Day!

I hope your treats were many and your tricks were few last night. We had a lovely time at our neighbor's party. Art girl had a party to attend as well. She went dressed as a punky school girl.No, that isn't a bug on the side of her nose, girlfriend got her nose pierced on Thursday. At first I said no but now I think it's kinda cute. At least she still asks our permission. Love you Sweet Peach!
Hubs and I were all about creating costumes from what we had on hand. Can you guess what we are supposed to be?
Come on... I thought this was brilliant. No? MmmmKay, maybe not brilliant, but slightly clever and VERY cheap. (and comfy, I just wore some PJ's) Still no guess?
We went as POSTER CHILDREN. Total cost, $1.00 for the pink barrettes and $2.49 for poster board and fat markers. Pictures via Photo Booth on the IMac and we had costumes!
My friend C. came dressed as Cruella DeVille and would you believe there was another Cruella there as well? I only had a few photos that were post worthy. Each time I try to get decent party photos they are all blurred. Could be that it is hard to take a good shot when you are laughing. I think she looks divine!
Hubs with our friend T. She came as a wine box that actually dispensed wine! It was also personalized with names and dates that had meaning to her. Now this is a brilliant costume! I guess having a Graphic Designer for a daughter comes in very handy. Hey T. can you top me off?
Cruella's hubs was dressed as a dalmatian. Hilarious!
One of the funniest parts of his costume were the ears. Since we all live on the same road but the houses are quite far apart, we rode with them on the back of their farm cart. Can you see how his ears flapped in the wind? Just like a real dog. Bwaaahaaahaa, heeheehee, too funny!!!
Hope your Halloween hijinks were laughable as well.

Have a restful All Saints Day, P.
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