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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Monochrome Light Play

Happy October all! I have to finish up some projects before I can decorate for my favorite month. So instead I am goofing off.
I received a lot of comments on my black and white image a few posts ago. So I decided to play a bit. Forms are more sculptural without the distraction of color.The glow of sunlight becomes the main subject in sepia tones.
Destinations seem more magical in black and white.
Do you play with your photos?

Have a playful day, P.
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elena-lu said...

gorgeous gorgeous photos! lovely play!

Anonymous said...

I don't play with mine... I am grateful just to have them look normal!! LOL!!

Emom said...

Do I play with my photos?
I have to be careful that I have plenty of time when I open Photoshop...or I will miss appointments.