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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ghost Busting

Just checking in. Still swamped. Had a little time to go ghost hunting though. We took a tour of Queen City haunted places with Teri Casper (love the name) and Dan Smith of Haunted Cincinnati Tours. Check out their website, they have a new book out and I bought a copy and had it signed. It was great fun. I want to do it again!Joe and I and our friends Sue and Tom took the tour, along with 6 other brave souls. We looked for ghosts at several locations. I have included several links to click if you are interested in learning more about any of our destinations. One of which was the Taft Museum. I was disappointed that no apparition waved to me from the window.
We did find some cold spots. We were provided with those ghost hunting EVPs and thermometers. I took a million pictures. Luckily I am not posting them all!
We started in the daylight but darkness fell quickly.
This gazebo in Eden Park is the site where George Remus, notorious bootlegger, murdered his cheating wife. He was acquitted of the crime and set free. She is said to be seen wearing the clothing she was murdered in, walking the park in the early morning hours.
I tried to take as many pics as I could without a flash, thinking perhaps I could sneak up on a spirit or two. Music Hall is creepy at night!!!

OK Tell me if you think I caught something. See the orb at the lower left corner of the photo? Whooooooooooo! (Ghostly moan) I am sending this on to Teri and Dan to see what they think.
We ended the evening at Bobby Mackey's in Wilder Kentucky. We explored the basement of the "Most haunted nightclub in the U.S.A." I have to say we definitely had the creeps after that. We were returned, safe and sound (mostly) to Fountain Square. We retired to Rock Bottom Brewery to calm our nerves and discuss our ghostly encounters.

Have a spooky Halloween week, P.
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Sue said...

Wooooohhhhh.... Spooooky...
How fun to take a ghost tour! I know some people think this is all hokey, but having once experienced something myself, I don't disbelieve!
Know you've been really busy lately, so I am really happy that you'll be able to make our Buckeye Bloggers Get-together! I'll be in touch as soon as I get our numbers finalized.
:-) Sue

Lynn said...

Ghosts? In Ohio?
Your photos look sort of like New Orleans!
I'd love to go on that tour.
(See my blog about ghosts)

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo.... Spooky!!! Sound like everyone had a spooktacular time!! (I know that was bad!!)LOL!!
So good to see you back!!
Have a Scary Happy Halloween!!

Emom said...

thank you ,

zandra said...

Wow, looks spooktacular! Love all the photos! Thanks for sharing. Hugz, Z

Sea Witch said...

Ooooooooh, a ghost tour. What fun. Really enjoyed your posting.

I'm catching up with postings after spending three days in bed with a nasty cold that turned to asthma issues. Just getting back up to my old self and have missed all of my blogging friends. Hope to be caught soon and back to posting on my own blog. Hugs to you. Sea Witch

Hopemore Studio said...

I just heard about these ghost tours on NPR, so glad to see you got to take the trip. That said, you couldn't get me near Bobby Mackie's, that place freaks me out even in the daytime!