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Friday, October 2, 2009

Bummed, Depression, and a Thrifty Make Over!

Bummed because this man...
Who wrote this book, below, that I absolutely adore, was in Cincinnati last night and I had reservations to see him. But (it's a BIG ONE) college freshman daughter needed to go to the opening of one of her art professor's exhibits at the same time. Since hubs no longer has a company car and we haven't gotten around to purchasing another car... You get the picture.

Therefore I am at home instead of meeting Stan, live and in person!
Now you may not know this but I am a TCM geek. I love classic movies and it just so happens they were having a Great Depression movie night. Well, I could have slapped myself for whining because we don't have a third car so I could run my spoiled self across town. Started watching the Woody Guthrie movie and melted in tears. We have no idea what it means to deprive ourselves.
Still sorry that I didn't get to meet Stan because he has such a fabulous design sense and love for salvage and vintage treasures, but perhaps I will head to the East coast one day and visit all the great sales he blogs about!
In the mean time, lets talk about resin and Goodwill. Resin has been prolific in the past 15 or 20 years. Now what do we do with it? Much of it ends up at the thrift stores. I have been passing it up forever. Now I am looking at it with new eyes. (Pardon my photo mix up) Mr. Squirrel here (umm, 50 cents, thank you very much) is in the midst of a spray paint make over.
He started life in a semi-yucky "natural" color way. Then a bit of off white paint made him all one color.
A bit too plain, he lost some detail, so I took a bit of gel stain and antiqued him up.
Doesn't he look a bit more squirrelly now? (Gaaah, I love me some squirrels)
A dollar store candle and he is looking quite autumnal. Who needs riches to be happy? A few bucks or a trip to the curb and new treasures abound.
Sorry I missed you Stan, but you are still such an inspiration. Really, check out the Elegant Thrifter. He is all that and more!
I am linking to Hooked on Houses blog party today because I am hooked on The Find and repurposed resin too.

Have a thrifty Friday, P.
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Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Mr Squirrel looks so much better.

So -- now you must tell us what kind of paint you use and all about the gel stain. I'd love to do some of those makeovers myself!!

Anonymous said...

Wow... Your Sauirrel is fab! I think I will check out our thrift store!!
As for Stan?? Better luck next time.....
Have a Great Day!!

Geralyn Gray said...

I am sorry about your day.....but, if it means there is a trip to the East coast in your future.........I am all about that and there will be other opportunities to meet Stan.....and I am all about things happen for a reason.
Your squirell looks fantastic! I can't believe I can't spell squirel----thanks for the challenge this morning!

Lou Cinda said...

BUT you do win the mother of the year award for making that sacrifice for your daughter :)

The things we do for love....

I love the squirell! He looks fabulous!!

Lou Cinda

Sea Witch said...

Mr. Squirrel is very handsome. Amazing what you can repurpose from the Goodwill on the cheap. Sea Witch

Cherry's Jubilee said...


Anonymous said...

Now that's the kind of squirrel to have! And I like that he has a candle. Sorry you missed Stan, but you have a good attitude about it. Have a good weekend...
pk @ room remix

Its So Very Cheri said...

So sorry that you missed STAN and didn't get to tell us all about it-BUMMER. The resin looks good though
Come over for my give-a-way