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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Answering Questions and One of My Own.

Some of you had several questions on my last post that I thought I would answer briefly.
Please excuse the recycled photos but my hubs installed Snow Leopard on my Mac and I am ready to scream. I know he thought he was helping but he doesn't use the mac. My camera software as well as my scanner and several programs are not compatible with this new operating system...sooo, I am ready to blow my top each time I get on the computer!!!! Apparently, you can't uninstall Snow Leopard without wiping the computer and starting over. Holy S#*>!!! Do any of you have this problem? How about any easy solutions? I have been searching the forums for answers and was basically told shame on you for installing without backing up first. Gaaahhh! I didn't install it. Besides, why rush this stuff into the market when there are so many glitches???? Hhhhmmmm Apple???? I used to love my Mac, now I feel like chucking it in the trash. O.K. I am finished venting, at least here.
On to questions. The bead board wallpaper was purchased at Home Depot. Super easy to install, more so than regular wallpaper. I wouldn't recommend long pieces on a big ceiling. Small sections with molding between would be much simpler to handle after they are wet. The powder room was small and really a breeze. I think if a ceiling wasn't heavily textured it would stay put, mine happened to be smooth so no worries here.
As to the walls in my powder room, they have been stenciled dimensionally with plaster and the stencils were then silver leafed and glazed. I would like to get rid of the raised part now, as I feel it is a bit formal for the look I am going for, but that's a project for another time.
The round mirror in the powder room is a Home Goods purchase of several years. The square mirror hung over my grandma's laundry sink and the scroll mirror is a Good Will make over.
Now back to trying to figure out what to do about Snow Leopard, aaaarrrrgh! Hope I answered your questions. Thanks for all the input. It really makes my day.

Have a crisp fall afternoon, P.
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Lou Cinda said...

I am computer illiterate and can't help with the dreaded snow leopard! Sorry!! Thanks for answering the questions, and your window boxes are gorgeous!!

Lou Cinda :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry... I have a Dell laptop with Windows & I would like to turn it over my knee & snap it in half!?!?! It is the nastiest POS I have ever had!!
(My vent...)
Good Luck!!

Lynn said...

I knew I liked you!
You made a comfy room for your pups!

sew revived said...

I sure hope Receipts kept the receipt to return it!!! haha
Sorry, I really wish I could help, but my youngest turns my computer on for me! How 'bout someone at the college??

Leanne said...

I had a total Snow Leopard freakout too. What brand is your scanner etc (and you have just reminded me that I have not tried mine)...

Sometimes you have to go the the manufacturer's website and go to their customer support or downloads page.

I had issues at work with not being able to access the copier/printer and they did not have a Snow Leopard driver. However, the 10.5 driver actually worked. So you could give that a shot. Its not working now so it won't work any less if that doesn't work.

Good luck. I think I'll check my scanner tomorrow.....

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Your home is lovely! Now about the s.leopard fiasco, take your MAC into any apple store, they should be able to uninstall it without compromising your memory.