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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Game Day

Once again we are paying exorbitant prices to keep our 4 Bengal's season tickets and seat license. We should be boycotting but each year at the first game there is such hope.So we will be tailgating and enjoying the first season game along with the rest of the diehards. Maybe this year...???

Have a hopeful Sunday, P.
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The French Bear said...

That's what happens when you are sports nuts!!!!! Just teasing, it is crazy what we have to pay to see our favorite teams!!!! I love your post with the pictures of the globes, there is something about old globes that fascinates me!!!!
Margaret B

Anonymous said...

We are huge Yankees Fans but a friend of ours went to the new Yankees Stadium in NYC & after reporting how expensive it is we are content to watch the games on TV!!
I know the pit falls of being a "sports-nut"!! LOL!!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Yay's football season!

I have good news from the Bayou...

The Saints WON today...yay!!!!!

Did ya'll have some fun? Any luck? You gotta tell us all about it!

everything vintage

trash talk said...

Have you heard what's being charged for Cowboys season tickets and parking? Outrageous! Thank goodness I got over them when Jimmy left!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Once you do it, so hard to give up! We once had the sought after tennis seats and no matter the match, price..we were there. Only when we moved did we finally relinquish the seats. Diehards all the way!