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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Day as Fine Artist and a Chuckle

My baby's first day at college, as a Fine Arts major!!! She has chosen to live at home and commute for now. Saves me from the mommy college blues.
After she rushed off this morning I was reading e-mails and my SIL sent one about my nephew who is a third grader this year. He can be quite comical at times and since he is my brother's youngest and lives nearby I tend to dote on him. I thought I would share this little exchange with you. My SIL's reply made me snort.

SIL's message:This morning Dylan informed me that he changed his mind...his dream job
is not to be a zookeeper anymore. He actually wants to work in a
pancake house. He said that over in Kentucky there is a
Waffle House by
revolving restaurant. I have no idea how he knew this. Maybe he's
already doing research on interesting
pancake houses. I wonder if he
knows about IHOP. I still crack up laughing when I remember this
conversation. From
ZooKeeper to Pancake maker.

MY RESPONSE:It is good to keep all his options open and research well before he
makes a commitment! He is a riot.

HER REPLY:I bet pancake college is cheap too!

Hope this gives you a chuckle too, P.

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Lee said...

Halarious, my son was ambitious too, at age 6 he wanted to be one of those guys in the orange jumpsuits with the spears on the sides of the road that clean up Texas!
We watched Bonanza when we were little and one Sunday my Sunday School teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up... I replied proudly..."a squaw"... must have watched an episode on Pocahantas! So glad my dream was not realized. I am not cut out for teepee life.
Thanks for the laugh and stirring old memories.
Lee @ Inspired Comblogulations

Sandra said...

How cute and funny! This made me remember when one of my 9 yr old twin boys told me that he wants to be an ice cream man that drives around when he grows up. The things that kids come up with. :D

trash talk said...

Dare to dream!!!
See you when I get back!

Anonymous said...

Kids say the darndest things....
Take Care!!

Lynn said...

Pancake college!

My son wanted to be a garbage man.
It was the truck.

Emom said...

I promise you...if he chooses to work in a pancake house...he will need a degree in zoology...smiles.

Sea Witch said...

Kudo's to this young man. Here in the south we take Waffle House very seriously. The nicest people work at the Waffle Houses and you can't beat their breakfasts. Nothing like a little "smothered and covered" to start your day. Sea Witch

Kathy said...

Pam - too cute - kids are so funny! I bet you are glad your daughter will be at home a little daughter just moved to Florida (a nice place for us to visit, but too far away for "mom"!)

Thanks for visiting my blog - you're right - us Buckeye Junkers need to get together! (And the Springfield show was awesome - great weather and great sales!)

Take care, Kathy

Sue said...

Hi Pam- too funny about your little nephew! I didn't know there was a Waffle House by the revolving restaurant! LOL I always like to look out the windows; next time I'll be more observant! :-) Sue

I'm still gonna see about us OH gals getting together soon.

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Congrats to your big little girl!

Renee said...

Just got around to reading this... Hilarious! Thanks for the chuckle..