Cozy Time

Woke up with a stuffy head. Made tea. Walked outside with the dogs. Chilly morning. I love this time of year. Time to cozy up all the corners in our homes and settle in for lovely autumn.

BTW Speaking of cozy, this is what awaited us when we returned from our little trip. Son and girlfriend rescued this starved kitty from near campus. kids...we are not a home for wayward animals. How can we move from the country to my dream urban loft downtown with 2, no wait, now 3 dogs and 4...5?...cats?

I have desperately been trying to find kitty a home, you know what happened with this little dog right? Well...we'll see...

Have a cozy Thursday, P.


trash talk said…
Just give up and go ahead and name the know you ARE the new home!
There must be an underground railroad for pets that leads straight to your house!
I hope you get over the stuffy nose thingy!
Lou Cinda said…
I agree with Debbie ~ she is yours!! Such a precious photo! They are friends, you can't separate them now! lol

Enjoy your autumn, it is still in the 90's here and will be until November!!

Lou Cinda :)
Anonymous said…
What an adorable pair!! Let's see, you could name the kitty "nuffy" short for "Enough"!! LOL!!
I think it is sweet that you take all of these animals in! I understand you not wanted to keep them all, but Its nice that you take them in!
lala said…
That has to be the sweetest photo ever!!! They both look so comfy and cozy - I do believe the little doggy has a new BFF.
Ok. Maybe a new home is around the corner. I do remember that dog! Look how rested he is. And he's not chewing the sofa! Has he settled into home without aggression? Looks like it. The kitty is looking sweet. Cozy. uh huh! ~Mindy
My vote is...keep the kitty! So sweet.
Geralyn Gray said…
awww....pets are always so much cuter when they are sleeping. The cat is looking like another keeper!
such a sweet post! I love the pick up truck full of little treasures. And, you must give that darling kitten a name and find a bed for looks quite at home!
Sue said…
Hi Pam, glad you are back to posting after your anniversary getaway. That hotel is just beautiful. You're right, everything was just done with class in that era.
The weather up the road here is just gorgeous. Cool evenings and mornings, but just enough heat during the day without being obtrusive.
Stop my to see me when you get a chance. I posted some fall decor and my cloches for Marty's party.
:-) Sue
common ground said…
Hi Pam, thanks for coming by the other day on the cloche post. I love squirrels too AND chipmunks. They all come out in the fall and the lambs take a rest until Christmas! Love that little truck full of goodies, and about the critters...I know sometimes God just sends them our way because He knows we'll take care of them. I've had a few myself. They've all been "Mom, we just HAVE to keep them!"
Anonymous said…
Hope you're enjoying your new kitty!


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