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Monday, August 3, 2009

Thrifty Treasures

I am joining Rhoda's party once again. Today' thrifty treasures are actually from an estate sale we attended last weekend in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. I find these estate sales to be rather bittersweet. Seeing these bits and bobs that were treasured by someone who is no longer here to hold them close and relive the memories they invoke seems so sad.
I am glad that there are people who find meaning in old scraps of paper and well used books. Those who will find a new treasure and memory in these pieces now entrusted to their care.My hubs was able to add to his red glass collection and I added many goodies to my pile (piles)of ephemera.

Another Wizard of Oz, more hem tape and a stack of old cigarette coupons came home with us.
A prayer book, a volume of poetry and someone's very well used math book, oops, I mean Arithmetic! Do we even use that word in school anymore?
A folding rule and two booklets on cocktail recipes. My kind of measuring!
Christmas trinkets and a tin of Max Factor theatrical powder. The lady who once lived here was a singer and actress.
Fun wrapping paper in it's original package and some old faded construction paper. I find old art
supplies so endearing.
Then, while digging through the basement I found this scrapbook, unused but stuffed with papers and clippings! Hold yourself back Jodie, I know you want to reach through your monitor and snatch this!
I have been going through all these sweet scraps of times past with great care. I want to honor them as the owner once did. Some will go into art, some on display and some to my BBF's who I know will treat them with respect as well.
I found a gold trimmed vase for my friend Kathy and a lovely pink hair net with felt butterflies and pink ribbon. All will find their way to a new life.
Now go check out all the other thrifty treasures.
Oh I almost forgot! The table that all these goodies have been photographed on is another thrifty blast from a past post. It has been revamped to serve yet another purpose. Hmmm, I think I will save it for another day.

Have a thrifty Monday, P.
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Marilyn said...

I find being around old things calming. I "feel" the antiquity & past life of old things. My house is full of heirlooms from my Mom, Grandma & Great Aunt. I just love well-worn things!!
Great Post... I really enjoyed it!

Kammy said...

Love all the ol stuff ! So neat !

Lynn said...

I always think about being dead and someone looking through my treasures whenever I go to an estate sale.
Then I think about not storing up treasures on earth for a minute.
Then I buy the stuff to store up!
Love the old books. The theatrical powder! I found one of those tins in an antique store and I gave it to my theatrical niece!

~~Carol~~ said...

Great vintage treasures, especially the Oz book! I agree with you, I always get sad when I go to an estate sale, and rifle through their belongings. At least we're giving some of their treasures a new home!

delighted heart said...

Love all your finds! Yes estate sales are bittersweet to me too....I look at all my stuff or "props" as we are now calling them and wonder what my kids are going to do with it one day! They hope I will get rid of it so they won't have to...but no it's part of my legacy I'm leaving them! LOL


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Fun the wiz of oz....I adore that movie...cheryr

Jodie LeJeune said...

Pamela Kern! You are SO naughty for teasing me like that!

Snatch? Girl, if I could reach through this monitor......

Everything is beautiful!!! Estate sales are the best!!!!

I wish I had a basement to dig through...maybe I should go clean a closet or two and see what I come out with! Lord only knows the stuff people would find rummaging here when I am gone!
(tell Sandy NOT to get any ideas, she's already waiting for my studio!)

everything vintage

Sue said...

I agree with you entirely on the folding measuring rule/bar recipe comment- that is my kind of measuring! I love a good mixed drink over a beer any day!!LOL You found some neat old things here, Pam. It's so fun to find treasures of old.

Several of us SW and central OH bloggers would like to meet and get together sometime this fall. Would you be interested? So far, there are 5 or 6 of us. I met a new pal last week in Columbus. And then there are 4 of us in Dayton. Let me know if you're interested, okay? :-) Sue

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Such subtle and sweet nostalgic items...