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Friday, August 21, 2009

Hooked on Hydrangeas

Late summer hydrangea blooms are already drying. Brilliant apple green
Filling milk glass mixer bowls on a white linen cloth.
Refreshing color.
Soft pink and sepia in ivory vases on the desk.
A mop head in a lab beaker on the mantle.
Summer's end is near, but autumn is right behind.
What are you hooked on?
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Have a refreshing Friday, P.
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common ground said...

Of course I love your hydrangeas, but your choice of containers is so aesthetic. The glass beaker and bottles are great!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Love them!! They are so pretty. My mother grows the one's I have on my blog, they don't like me and they are my fav flower. Happy Friday, T

Anonymous said...

Would love to dry my hydrangeas BUT you see I have this cat, Bailey is his name & he thinks if it is green or once was it is his job to eat it. Then if he does he immediately "horks" it back up....
After a few times of this it ain't worth it!!

Lou Cinda said...

These are beautiful! Hydrangeas are my favorite flower and I carried a bouquet of them when I got married!

You have displayed them beautifully! It is truly art!

Lou Cinda

delighted heart said...

They are so pretty! I'm going right out and cut the 4-5 blooms of the one hydrangia I have to dry! Now where did I put all my milkglass? Love what you did!


love your blog, if you have time stop on over & say hi, i think you'll like :) gio

trash talk said...

Pam, those are gorgeous, but so were your shrubs! You are so lucky to have such an abundance of you have any idea how much money you are saving by growing your own? TONS!!! Try buying the dried ones at a florist...oh mylanta!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

how beautiful! I only have one hydrangea, and it didn't fare too well this summer :-( Hopefully next year it will perk back up.

I just love the beakers with one bloom - how lovely and "special" each one looks!

Laura said...

So refreshing...I love the green and white! But...I also love the pink and sepia tones...just beautiful!
Take care, Laura

Sue said...

OMG I would love to have your hydrangeas! They are gorgeous and will still be beautiful when they are dry. Please enjoy your time away from blogging.
:-) Sue

Robin Feltner said...

I adore hydrangeas! I've been buying them all summer long at the farmers market. Gorgeous! I'm going to plant my own in the fall (which I read is the best time to plant them.)