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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blog Birthday and a Few Projects

Another rainy day in Southwest Ohio.
I should be celebrating my Blog's 1st Birthday but I am a lame party planner at the moment. I promise I will host a celebration with links and give aways soon, but I am not quite there yet. Matter of fact I am going to take a little time off to get some projects done and do a bit of revamping on my blog, my home and life in general.
So I may be MIA for a few weeks. I will miss you but I need some time for some good changes here at Frippery. I hope you won't forget me while I am gone.I thought I would share a few redo's that I have worked on lately. Remember the GW table I painted red for my craft room? (BTW that room is one of the things I have yet to complete) Well after looking at this sturdy table covered with glitter and supplies, I thought," That would be the perfect table for my family room!"

So we removed the legs and hauled it down stairs once again.
We got out the trusty DeWalt sander and hubs and I took turns sanding the beat up top.
It took several hours, but what a feeling of accomplishment seeing that worn top transform. After the sanding was complete a few coats of stain and policrylic...
I have a lovely new (to me) table for casual dining, games, projects, etc. Sorry for the dark photo, but as I have told you lately, not many sunny days here. All in all a great $30.00 investment. Plus, I took the table that just wasn't working for me here, and that will be my new craft table. I love it when things work out.
I also finished a little project for a friend. Kathy gave me this trunk to paint for her ages ago. I am ashamed to say it took me forever to get to it. I used to do lot's of painted furniture for people but I am just not feeling it any more.
I am relieved to have this finished and I will be delivering it this week. I hope she likes it as I am plotting a little trade, unbeknownst to her. You see she has the most fabulous old Victorian house and garden that I would love to share with all of you. On top of that she is a vintage collector and has such a knack for display that hours could be spent admiring all of her vignettes.
I am going to ask politely if I can come and photograph her wonderful home. I know she wants her chest back...right? Tee hee.
Seriously, you will be floored when you see this place, it is magical.
So, once again TTFN, I will be back in a few weeks. Hugs and smooches til then.

Have a Wednesday full of opportunities, P.
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common ground said...

Pam, the trunk you painted is wonderful. You are so very talented, and the make-over on the red table is great motivation for me. I will have to re-do my kitchen table soon,(that I have posted on today. Have a good break, knowing we won't forget you. Rest, and be productive! Is that an oxymoron?


The table and the trunk look wonderful. You are so talented. Congratulations on ONE YEA! That is super.

Have a great day.


trash talk said...

People are going to start to talk...they'll think you and I have tan away together!!!
The table redo is fantastic. It looks sparkly new. Great job Hubs!
I want to update my blog too, but I really am illiterate when it comes to computers. I've faked my way so far, but I can only do that for so long and get away with it(just ask C.D.!). I want a clean looking blog so when you get it all figured out, let me know how to do it!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Smooches to you too sweetie...take care of YOU!
Gonna miss you,
everything vintage

trash talk said...

(That's RAN not Tan!) Can you say oopsy daisy?

Anonymous said...

Sheesh.... I hate to see you go for even a short time! Come back soon.... You will be greatly missed!!

Lou Cinda said...

We could never forget you and we will miss you!

Love the table and that trunk is to die for!!!

See you soon :)

Lou Cinda

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

The table turned out great! Enjoy your time away. We'll miss you! ~Mindy

vintage at heart said...

Oh you will be missed but enjoy your little blog hiatus!!!
Love that table and of course the trunk!!!
Looking forward to seeing the photo layout of your friends home!!!

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey sweets,
gorgoeus re-dos
have a fantastic weekend.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

What an amazing transformation! It is SO satisfying to sand all the gunk off and get a whole new piece of furniture. I love it!!

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Wow, the chest turned out beautiful!

Cheri Peoples said...

What a great makeover---wow.

Sorry-I've been out of commission -- terribly sick for over a week-- but do you want to know how I cut my grocery bill in half? go to Cut your grocery bills now plus I have a give a way and a new Mr Linky party starting tomorrow but Mr Linky will be up by 8 p.m. tonight

Its So Very Cheri