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Monday, July 13, 2009

Winners All

Last week was a mad dash to get ready for Sadie's graduation party. We survived and a good time was had. It did rain off and on, but in between showers there was time for swimming, games and fireworks.
We had a bit over 40 guests, lots of laughter and good food.

I was so busy visiting with all of our guests that I didn't take any pictures. Just a few shots of the table I put together of her high school accomplishments. Now it is time to move ahead to U.C's School of Design, Art, Architecture and Plannig, where Sadie will major in Fine Arts.
Now on to the give away! I am pleased to announce that after Sadie picked a number from the 177 entries, lo and behold, Ms. Talking Trash is the winner. Congrats Debbie! This is doubly pleasing because she is one of my most constant readers as well as one of the first ever comments on my blog. Enjoy Debbie!
I chose my prizes to cover many interests, decorating, thrifting and creating. I made a soldered pin for fun girls, the collaged picture inside is of my mom, in the center, my Godmother on the left and a friend at what appears to be a New Years party. Of course blinged up with bits of this and that.

A copy of Nell Hill's Style at Home, picked up at Tuesday Morning. Awesome decorating ideas.
Last but not least this lovely white canister topped with two sweet doves, a thrifted find.
So Debbie dear, just email your address and they will be winging your way. Hope you love them!

Have a Monday full of surprises, P.
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icandy... said...

We're in Atchison, Ks.! Mary Carol Garrity started Nell Hill's right here in town... and her books are fantastic! (so is the shop!)

Lucky winner!

trash talk said...

I know today is going to be one of my best days ever. I just got on the computer after a 3 day absence and lo and behold...surprises!!!
These are the greatest treasures, especially the pin. I'll wear it close to my heart and think of you sweet friend for designing it. I AM a fun girl (think Andy Griffith show fun girls!).
You are going to have so much fun getting your girl all ready for college. How exciting for all of you!!!
Thank you random generator for pulling my number out and thank you Pam, for all the wonderful gifts!

Marilyn said...

Lucky Girl...Congratulations!!
I have this book & I just love any of her books!!
Have a Great Week!!

Geralyn Gray said...

I am so glad your daughter's graduation party was a success. We are planning one around the twin's birthday and it will be a combined graduation, birthday, and going away party---they leave 8/24--it doesn't seem real yet. Congatulations to your winner, Debbie----woo hoo Debbie!!!!!!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

congrats to the lucky, lucky winner!

sounds like your party was a super send off success!

Jodie LeJeune said...

I'm so glad to hear the party turned out wonderful!!! Now you can BREATHE!!! ;)
Congrats to Mrs. TT...she deserves it. She says she never wins so having won yours is a real blessing!!!
everything vintage

Lou Cinda said...

All it would take is for those grasshoppers to spit at me and I would just simply keel over. I have heard that they do "spit" (how rude) but have actually never been the recipient of grasshopper spittle! Can you imagine?

Maybe I could just spray him with hot sauce, course that could just tic him off and make matters worse.

I'm doomed...

Lou Cinda :)