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Sunday, July 26, 2009

We Have Been Scammed

When life hands you lemons (or dogs no one else wants) make a lemon martini and figure you are a sucker for a cute face once again. This little guy has gone from his owner to the vet's, to my neighbor, to my mom and now to me. All in a matter of 4 weeks. Why? He can't stand to be left alone. He tore my mom's doorframe to shreds when she went to lunch with a friend. My neighbors (known scammers), who originally rescued him from the vet, were all nice and "Oh, he would be perfect for your mom, we can't keep him because of our other dog and our daughters allergies." Hmmm, I smell a rat, the dog doesn't shed but the one they already had does, why is she allergic to this one? Plus, they have always had more than one dog until they had to have their older one put down. We have been scammed. My mom won't keep him, and I can't bear to take him to a shelter. This seperation anxiety is apparently why he ended up at the vet's in search of a new home in the first place. The neighbor won't take him back, nor will the vet. I haven't spoken to my neighbor since I realized they hoisted this dog on us because he was destroying their house. So, we gave him a chance, we tried a crate, he chewed the crate and his feet so badly he bled. One more chance, we left him alone with our dogs, no crate. Guess what, he is adjusting! I did have to move all my decorative accessories off of the table in front of the window so he can sit on it and await our return, and he will not go outside unless I am right there with him, rain or shine...but...he is so needy I can't send him away. So I suppose my girls have a new brother. A 3 year old ShihPoo. Yes, a Schitzu Poodle mix. I made a discovery when I searched the breed. Apparently Shitzus have the trait of seperation anxiety and can be destructive if left alone. Tell me about it!
Anyhoo this is our newest family member. When my mom had him my nephew named him Manny, after a cartoon character called Handy Manny. Before this his name was Boog according to my neighbor (but who can believe him?). Ack, I don't know which is worse! He does answer to Manny now, so I assume we will keep the name, unless any one has any really great suggestions.
For now he is just "Manny, not very manly".
We are off to work at our parish festival. Wish me luck that our house is still standing when we return.

Have swell Sunday, P.
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Lynn said...

He does look worried, doesn't he!
Weimarauners suffer separation anxiety too, only they take bigger bites out of your house.
Good thing he's little.
I cant spell weimarunners weimmarauners. Weimeraners .
Neither can Mr. spellcheck.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand why people "scam". Scammers are liars & I can't for the life of me understand why people lie.
That being said......
I have a cat, Bailey, that has serious seperation anxiety. He sleeps with me EVERY night & has since the first night. When I go outside to work in the gardens he watches me all around the house no matter where I go. If he can't see me he cries the most pitiful cry!!
He is my baby......
Just give Manny the love he so desperately needs....

Sue said...

What a SWEET face!

And what a SWEET heart you have! Here's hoping things work out for the best for all of you!!!

Our Shiz Tzu doesn't have it that bad, but when he knows we are leaving...the tail drops and you can just see it all over him. He HATES it!


He does have a sweet face, I feel sorry for him, imagine no one wanting to own you - lol. Maybe once he lives with you for awhile he will settle down and get more confident.
At least he has some poodle in him and remember they are the second smartest breed( german shephards being the first )
so hoping he will get better. Also is Manny fixed ??? Alot of times having that procedure does help calm males . I adopted a male poodle several years ago and when I first got him all he did was lick and hump anything in sight - lol - it sounds funny but very annoying.I had him neutered and he changed totally , so maybe this is a thought for Manny.
So many dogs are being dumped because of the economy - all 3 of our dogs have been adopted - I wanted to say THANK YOU for keeping him and giving him some love when everyone else wouldn't .Sorry he destroyed things though - hope he behaves , he needs to realize what a good thing he has in you :)
God bless you for your caring heart

Bee Serendipitous said...

Manny is way too adorable...and you have an awesome caring heart..I can feel it in my bones that things will work out for you your family & manny...I too just adopted/rescued a little guy myself by the name of "Wheezer" who is a terrier he has been having some issues lately but with time & patience & love I know that things will be okay...oh and I think Manny looks more like a Charlie Chaplin kind of pup, maybe you could call him Charlie...have a honey of a night - may sweet things come your way! grace peace & joy 2 "U" Marlene

trash talk said...

Sounds like Baby and Karma had a little "perro y perro" while y'all were out! What a face...that's how they get ya!
Make mine a lemoncello!

Dime Store Thrift said...

Oh Those Eyes! Who would want to leave him alone even for 15 seconds? LOL
Congrats on your newest child, Sonya

Geralyn Gray said...

I think Manny is just what you needed and you are just what Manny needed.......I have a dog that has never had the run of the house, because he is wild and crazy. The crate is the answer for us. But, that is all he has known, so he is ok with it. Actually, this summer he comes inside the house and runs right into his crate. He loves to get under the pillowcase like a's really cute.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I am sure you will be blessed ten times over for being Boogy Man's new momma. Sounds like he needed himself some siblings. Happy Days! ~Mindy

Anonymous said...

aww he is the cutest!! I think you should give ceasar the dog worker a go!! hehe you never know he might show up!! that poor dog no one wants to take the time to help him he proably feels it too I hope your plan works because I am sure he is a sweet little guy! Big hugs


cityfarmer said...

this exact thing happened to me once with a little "shit" szu!!!

it's so darn hard to balance summer and blogging ...I'm out to change that today!!!!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Oh he's so cute!! I too am a sucker for puppies. That's how I got my Molly girl. All dogs good or bad need a loving home and I see he has one with you :)

Sandra said...

Uh oh! I hope he learns really quickly that he can't keep tearing everything up. ugh! We have a Boxer that was given to us and she had been doing this too. Oh, she tore up the door to my laundry room too. She stays outside with the other Boxer:D

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

BLess you for your patience....he looks like he just needs some love, and a stable home. Yes you have been "scammed" but only because you have a big heart. You knew you were all along...;0)

Le Core Femme said...

OMGoodness, Manny is sooo adorable!
Congrats on the new family member. Sounds like he is finally where he belongs. ;)
Big Huggs!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Awe Pam...he's precious! So how could you be mad at that face if he chewed up your couch or your rug or even ate your window sill while you were gone??? I think he's home with you now and I'm sure he'll be an angel!!!! Who knows, the other two furries might even teach him some new tricks!
everything vintage

La said...

He has a sweet, sweet face.

I have a shihtsu. We went away on vacation one year and my brother (who was checking on him periodically) unknowingly closed him up in the kitchen. We never lock him up. He freaked out and did some serious damage to the doors.

That's the only time he was destructive, but once was enough.

I look forward to meeting you this weekend at the Vintage Market.