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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wake Up Call

Life is fleeting and each moment is precious. I have been feeling a bit dissatisfied with life lately. A bit of self pity has crept in. Then I read this today about Thrifty Chick. This is such a sad and sudden end to a joyous life lived with gratitude..
A wake up call to treasure each tiny moment and give thanks each day.

Have a Thankful Thursday, P.
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common ground said...

I so agree, I went to her blog this morning and it broke my heart. What a precious woman. It's so easy to get down, we're with ya.

Marilyn said...

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in everyday life that the old addage "Can't see the forest for the trees" fits so well. We all get complacent at times. I had a dear friend pass away unexpectedly last month.... I was floored... absolutely floored. He was my age... I had known him since HS.
Lessons learned???
I try to enjoy life now, dispite some physical maladies. I try not to feel sorry for myself because the kids are grown & hubby may be out on a 2 day run. Or maybe just because I am almost 60 & my face, boobs & butt has fallen!! Hey, the sands of time don't exactly flow uphill!! LOL!!
Know what??? I don't care... I do the best with what I have & think What Would Jesus Do.... He would enjoy what his Heavenly Father has provided for him & so do I!!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Gosh Pam...
I've never been to her site until today thanks to you. I read about the little boy she just gave birth to and the three other beautiful they are without their mother. Life does pass fast and sometimes at the blink of an eye your whole world changes. Sad...
everything vintage

Sandra said...

I visited her blog and it just broke my heart. :( So sad. Ugh, her babies:( Omgosh, i'm tearing here. We should treasure each little moment in our lives.
We're right there with you, blogger friend. ((HUGS))

Lou Cinda said...

I had never been to her blog either until today but broke my heart! Her precious children have lost their mother so suddenly and her heart just breaks for him.

None of us are guaranteed tomorrow...this just brings that home.

My heartfelt prayers to her family.

Lou Cinda

Sonya-Dime Store Thrift said...

Thank you for telling me this...I am shocked. Those babies...

Truly a wake up call for me, at least.

Sue said...

Oh, Pam, how sad!

And a 14 day old baby, as well as her other children. Heartbreaking.
Yes, quite the wake up call. We never know. The bible says, "Teach me, O Lord, to number my days..."

Geralyn Gray said...

Oh how is short.....Oh and to have kids so little.......thought and prayers are going her way and to you too! My husband lost his mom when he was 18 and his dad right after we were married......we both have that do it while your young mom is always saying that too---don't wait or put off anything--just do it!!!!!

Ree at Prairie Rose Cottage said...

Every day is a precious gift. Her passing reminds me of this. I am so sorry for her family's loss.