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Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Confessions of a Wannabe (er... wanted to be) Junker

Today's Thrifty Treasures are being shared at Rhoda's again this Monday.
I have been trying to create a business to support my junking habit but haven't thrown myself into it with both feet until the past month when circumstances changed a bit financially around here. Unfortunately, I have discovered that I am not cut out to sell my junk. I am much better at buying it!
I don't know how you veteran junkers ever make any money. We did our third show Sunday and although we made a profit, it isn't enough to warrant doing this all the time. The last two shows we have done were "antique only", no new stuff made from vintage, etc. These are the only shows nearby. I would love to do shows where people can be creative with their finds but the only one near us still requires overnight stays and u-haul rental. We did very well there last September but the profits were gobbled up by these other expenses. So we set up in the rain and sold a few things Sunday, but the pieces that didn't sell are like shopping all over again for me because now I get to keep them. (Not the right attitude...I know...but what can I say) I loved my little ivory Westclox travel alarm so much that when it failed to sell I bought a companion in black. A new collection is born. What, that isn't the way to make money?This beachy basket tote was also a no sale. Yeah, I get to haul beach towels and wine to the pool. Oh, I mean, too bad it didn't sell.

Look at the adorable lining.
I bought this little folding table to sell but..., I mean, must find a place in my home now.
I have always wanted one of these little picture tables.
Apparently this is not the career path for me. I may actually have to go out and work for someone else. Perish the thought. I will keep brainstorming for a bit before I do something that foolish. However, if you see me wearing an orange apron at your neighborhood hardware store in the near future, please say Hi!
Now go see what great finds have been scored at Southern Hospitality.

Have a magnificent Monday, P.
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Teresa said...

I would become attached to my junking finds, could never be a career path for me. I wish there were more (any) opportunities around here for the Tumbleweed Cotillion type things...guess I'll have to wait for the Country Living Fair in September...

Laura said...

I know exactly what you mean. I have tried selling before by having a consignment booth, and I realized I was simply selling to pay the fees.

I am a better shopper than seller for sure.

That's my story...

Blue Creek Home said...

I hate to hear that. But, at least you tried.
Like Teresa, I become attached to my finds too!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Good thing I don't have to make a living selling my "stuff". :)

~~Carol~~ said...

That's a table? It's gorgeous! Wish I could see a picture of it set up. Love those two clocks too. Looks like the start of a great collection. You sound like me. Whenever I have a garage sale, with other friends, I always spend more than I make!

Kammy said...

Hello ~
Maybe the economy is to blame....just buy stuff for free or cheap , then if it sells cool !
Hugs ~ Kammy

Marie said...

Love those travel clocks - so fabulous!


Sue said...

Your post cracked me up! I love to buy... and buy... and buy! I could never be a junker and hope to get rid of things... I can always find a spot for anything. LOL

Shannon @ Silver Trappings said...

That is so funny, because I do the exact same thing. I am supposed to be building a business selling my finds. But most of them are on display in my house!

Debra said...

Well at least you have set up and tried. I love the "hunt" but find it hard sometimes to let go. It is because I look for things I like.Then of course I want to keep them, well, because I like them.
Although I do have a "purge" garage sale every year. Then it is out to find more. While I do not "make" money I am not really spending ne money that way at least.

susan said...

I'm afraid selling would not be my strong suit either--I like the other side! You even made me teary with your comment. "Because I knew You" is a perfect graduation song". Isn't it the truth--everyone we meet changes us in some way :)

Ann said...

Im trying too and getting the same results as you are. I figure by the time I pay out all my expenses I'm about breaking even maybe with enough left to buy lunch. I don't know how to make money at this either.

common ground said...

Ditto of all you have said. I worked so hard at all this that I ended up with some health problems. I love to "buy", and unfortunately right now with the economy, not many people are actually making enough money "selling" to feel like they are really getting somewhere. But as they say, it gets in our blood for this creative "high". Hang in there, and be flexible...I have had to.

Ms Jackie's Junque said...

Sorry you didn't do too well at your show. Your items were lovely!

I sell online and truthfully, when all is said and done, I often wonder if I really ever make a profit? It's ok though--it gives me an excuse to shop! :)

Jo said...

Have you ever thought abt a yd sale? I'm going to try to sell some of my crafts at it and then do some Christmas bazaars. There are a lot of Ohioians that sell. In my small town there are antique stores you can sell at for a reasonable amount. I don't think anyone gets rich doing it tho...Jo
PS I love your header

Sonya-Dime Store Thrift said...

I can hear your frustrated sigh from here...While I was reading your post, I was thinking: Booth at a flea market? Twice a Year tag sale out of your home? Ebay or Etsy?
There has to be an easier way.
Hugs, Sonya

Susie Q said...

Yeah, I'd never make a living at it!

Sue said...

I got a laugh from your post. I couldn't bear to part/sell any of my treasures, either.

Please stop by my blog and read about my happy news!!!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Ha, ha! How funny you are. I know, I love to keep my junk too, so it would be very hard for me to set up a booth to sell it. Love my junk!

trash talk said...

There does come a point where you don't mind letting go of some stuff. It's the point when you can't get the front door open! I look at it like recycling...if I keep something, then one thing has to go!
I don't know if right now is the time to be hoping for big profits. We are kind of a luxury after bills, groceries and gas!
When I am at a show, I don't buy. I can only wear one hat at a time, so I'm either buying or selling, but never both at the same time. My ADD just won't let me do it.
Maybe you should look at what seems to be a growing trend...home shows. Some of these Texas girls are doing really well with them. I'm going to be doing one the middle of this month with Carolyn Westbrook. Just some food for thought!

mbrown128 said...

That is how I feel about selling "my" treasures!!!

Susan from The T-Cozy said...

You're right. Shopping is a lot easier than selling!

its so very cheri said...

Thanks for the opportunity to enter the give away and I became a follower. I have a month long give away as well.