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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Backyard Babies

I have a bit of backyard fun to share but first I want to thank you all for the suggestions on my Monday post about junking. I think I have several ideas in mind. The way to success is combining different ways to sell and developing a theme for your business. I am going to fall back on my roots as an artist and combine all my loves to hopefully ride out this economy and have a good base for better times. Now on to the funny creatures who have become daily guests.
These critters make me laugh every day.
Turkeys are comical to watch but are they cute?

I think these little ones are.

Delicious too...shhhh...don't tell.
Plus, I like my dinner turkeys to be all nice and plucked and wrapped in the poultry section of the grocery. I could never eat one I had met in person!

Have a terrific Thursday, P.
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trash talk said...

The babies are cute...what baby isn't? The grownups? They look better on a stick!

Anonymous said...

When we lived in the country we had young Turkeys running around & I always thought they were the comedians of the wild bird life!!
Enjoy them for us!!

Sandra said...

Cute little babies! We hardly see turkeys in my part but one day my hubby saw a few! He was a little shocked! LOL Thank you for sharing with us!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh the Moma is beautiful, but the babies are precious. How sweet is that? What a wonderful thing to be able to witness. That is the one thing you miss in the city. However I do see an occasional quail running across the street with her little babies running in a line behind her. SO sweet. Country Hugs, Sherry

Barnyard Country Gifts said...

The baby turkeys are su cute. You made really nice pictures.

its so very cheri said...

If you have any problems let me know. It was a new thing for me as well but I have read you need to offer all kinds of things for your followers so I dove in head first. It wasn't too bad.

Jacque said...

About being a successful seller; first you have to detach from the goods while still loving what you sell, your own passion for it is what makes the customer want it, as for how to sell don't wait for a show that fits your style create one your self! You can organize a small event with friends or alone and be sure to start a customer list so you build a business of the people that like your style. I have been doing this for 21 years and have been able to support myself, buy a house and just about anything else I have wanted, it can be done, as for the economy I consider that motivation!
I believe passion is the key to getting the results we want from any thing we choose to do~Jacque
p.s. cute turkeys

Sue said...

I can't believe these little ones run around in your back yard! How cute!

Glad to hear you have a plan that you can really embrace. Prayers for your endeavors...

common ground said...

When I was young, and living in the country, we had a season of wild chickens that had come out of the woods. I think they must have gotten loose from someone elses property. They were hilarious, and every evening at dusk they would all roost in a big cedar tree, making the strangest noises. Fun memories. Have fun with all the babies.

vintage at heart said...

Turkeys in July oh my!!!

I Need This Antiques said...

How did you find a photo of my department? hahahaha Sea Witch

thriftylittleblog said...

We have wild turkeys from time to time in our neighborhood. They're cute, but loud!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I don't think I've ever had turkeys wandering around near home! How fun!