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Friday, July 31, 2009

PFF Friday!

Once again it is a party at Marie's!

I am very late on my PFF post today. The Hotel Alms, a luxury destination which would have been a lovely place to spend some time. Alas, it has disappeared into the history of Cincinnati hotels.
Who would have thought that this gorgeous fantasy garden and al fresco dining spot existed behind this Victory Parkway edifice. I am definitely going to research this hotel further. I did find a link with many more postcards than I have in my collection. The Cincinnati Collection is a lot of fun for postcard lovers. Pieces of the past well documented.

Have an Historic Friday, P.
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Thursday, July 30, 2009


I am obsessing on the wet summer weather we are having.Foggy dawns.
The air is so thick with moisture you can almost sip it.
Dense, like a jungle.
The sun rises and all is wet once again.
Intensely green.
The rain deepens the colors of the flowers.
I am inspired to create something to reflect these colors and shapes. Polka dots on petals.
Such brilliance.
The flowers adore this nurturing from Mother Nature.
They are flourishing.
I anticipate that all of this rain will make for a lovely August and September.

Have a Thankful Thursday, P.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We Have Been Scammed

When life hands you lemons (or dogs no one else wants) make a lemon martini and figure you are a sucker for a cute face once again. This little guy has gone from his owner to the vet's, to my neighbor, to my mom and now to me. All in a matter of 4 weeks. Why? He can't stand to be left alone. He tore my mom's doorframe to shreds when she went to lunch with a friend. My neighbors (known scammers), who originally rescued him from the vet, were all nice and "Oh, he would be perfect for your mom, we can't keep him because of our other dog and our daughters allergies." Hmmm, I smell a rat, the dog doesn't shed but the one they already had does, why is she allergic to this one? Plus, they have always had more than one dog until they had to have their older one put down. We have been scammed. My mom won't keep him, and I can't bear to take him to a shelter. This seperation anxiety is apparently why he ended up at the vet's in search of a new home in the first place. The neighbor won't take him back, nor will the vet. I haven't spoken to my neighbor since I realized they hoisted this dog on us because he was destroying their house. So, we gave him a chance, we tried a crate, he chewed the crate and his feet so badly he bled. One more chance, we left him alone with our dogs, no crate. Guess what, he is adjusting! I did have to move all my decorative accessories off of the table in front of the window so he can sit on it and await our return, and he will not go outside unless I am right there with him, rain or shine...but...he is so needy I can't send him away. So I suppose my girls have a new brother. A 3 year old ShihPoo. Yes, a Schitzu Poodle mix. I made a discovery when I searched the breed. Apparently Shitzus have the trait of seperation anxiety and can be destructive if left alone. Tell me about it!
Anyhoo this is our newest family member. When my mom had him my nephew named him Manny, after a cartoon character called Handy Manny. Before this his name was Boog according to my neighbor (but who can believe him?). Ack, I don't know which is worse! He does answer to Manny now, so I assume we will keep the name, unless any one has any really great suggestions.
For now he is just "Manny, not very manly".
We are off to work at our parish festival. Wish me luck that our house is still standing when we return.

Have swell Sunday, P.
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Drop, Drizzle, Pour

Did I mention that it has been raining? A LOT! Even the beetles have no where to hide. It looks like a rain forest outside my window. The gardens are lush, bordering on overgrown. If it doesn't stop soon I fear the house will be overtaken by vines.
In a rare sunlit moment I captured a cloak of nature's jewels glistening on leaves.

I believe this willow was getting taller as I photographed it. Luxuriating in the dampness.
No drooping foliage in this garden.
Did I mention it was raining? Again?
BTW, the forecast for today and tomorrow? Rain.

Have a sunny Saturday, P.
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Friday, July 24, 2009

PFF Again!

Two weeks in a row. Wow. This is an accomplishment. I have no sweet and quirky postcards to share because my collection mostly consists of my dear Queen City and holidays. Hopefully I will not bore you to death with Cincinnati. (Yes, for those who were trying to guess about last Friday's PFF post, Longfellow was speaking of Cincinnati, Ohio as the Queen of the west.) This postcard shows the center of our city, Fountain Square as it looked sometime around...let's just say, before I was born, tee hee.
Oh how I wish I could time travel. Below are a few pictures of the Tyler Davidson Fountain as she stands today.
Still lovely and still the bustling center of town.
Thanks for hosting Marie. Now I am off to see all the other postcards.

Have a fun filled Friday, P.
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Photo Tag

Tagged by my BBF Jodie. The rules are as follows. Go to your 6th file, 6th picture and post it then give a bit of background about it.
My photo should be fairly recognizable to most, especially you Texas girls. You know my dream is to be one of you. Please don't secede before I become a resident!
For those of you with no idea where this picture is, just remember the...Alamo. These pictures were taken early last year on my second trip to one of my very favorite cities ever. San Antonio , Texas. I love it there. The River Walk and art and shopping and nearby Bourne and Fredrickburg, and the independent spirit of the entire state.
This trip we stayed at the Emily Morgan Hotel. This building was originally a medical arts building, (read creepy old hospital). It is lovely now but purported to be haunted. We stayed on the 14th floor in room 1414, and since this hotel goes by the tradition of no 13 floor or room 13 we were actually in room 1313 on th 13th floor, da da dum, (scary music).
We saw no apparitions, much to my disappointment. (I think) I even took some night pictures, in hopes of catching an Alamo ghost or two. The Alamo is supposed to be really haunted. Nope, I got nothin'.
Other than lack of ghosts the trip was fabulous. I don't think we would see this gentleman riding down the streets of Cincinnati.
Anyhoo, I was only supposed to show picture 6 right? Okay, just a couple more. If you have never visited San Antonio, a must see is the River Walk. A WPA project that has since been expanded on. Bits of history blending with the new.
Like strolling through another world. A feeling of Europe in the midst of Texas.
I just love it here.
A glimpse of a gargoyle guarding our hotel entrance. Hmmm, if this was a hospital I was considering I think I would find a different one after seeing these.
MKay, now I must choose 6 lucky souls who may like to participate (or not). No obligation, but remember, it may haunt you.
1. Alicia at Boylerpf
2. Joy at Joys of Home
3. Fringegirl at Domestic Fringe.
4. Marilyn at Our Victorian Cottage
5. Mindy at Primitiques N Poetry
6. Ms. Cherrylicious at Cherry's Jubilee
Seriously, it's summer,you have a life. If you need a quick post idea, join in. If not, no worries.

Have a lighthearted Thursday, P.
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Unbelievable Doll Artist

There is one of those slow and steady rains outside my window, nourishing the gardens. It was much needed and as such I am thoroughly loving the sound. We are surrounded by woodland and soft summer rains always give the feeling that we are safe and sound in our little farmhouse deep in an enchanted forest. I wanted to share an enchanting doll maker that elicits that same feeling. Pixiwillow. I found her site when looking for doll sculpting classes last year for my daughter.
When we began looking at this gallery we were floored. Below is an interpretation of young Peter Pan being visited by Tinkerbell. The artist's name is Michelle Bradshaw and she is amazing. Have you ever seen such detail? I could spend hours gazing at her work. Cinderella's mouse is pictured below. Ack! I covet this little furry creature! Can you get over this detail?

Of course I have told you all before about my obsession with fairy tales, the darker the better. Well, how dark is this? Alice in Wonderland in a decidedly creepy little vignette. Love the Cheshire Cat portrait.
Sweet Alice, fresh from the looking glass. I am in awe! I had to share this talent with you. Check out all of her creations in her online gallery, but make sure you have a bit of time. You will not be leaving quickly!
Speaking of Alice, I am on pins and needles waiting for March of 2010 and this movie...Alice in Wonderland (2010). Tim Burton is the best!
Now, please do yourself a favor and visit this inspiring and magical place.

Have an enchanted Wednesday, P.
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Garage Sale Gloating

Forgive my smugness. We went garage sale-ing this morning and let's just say...we were successful. Twenty pieces of etched crystal barware. Good, yes? A few salt and peppers for glitter storage, nice.

More pieces of dinner ware that I use for fall, lovely, right? Striped milk glass tumblers and a bowl from a mixer, also milk glass. Should I stop here?
Oh, did I mention the orange juice set, or the malted milk wafer tin? How about the towering stack of paper popcorn boxes for movie night? Oh I did mention them already?
A little sparkly closeup, in case you aren't jealous yet.
Oh, right, the milk class top hat...I almost forgot that! Too much?
Okay, I am finished with the list. Now, how much did we spend you ask? Well, we are quite wealthy you know...big spenders and all that...wouldn't want to brag. Oh, you are going to force it out of me? Alright, all of these fabulous finds cost the kingly total of $15.00!!!
Oh wait, $15.50, I forgot that I picked up this darling plaster cake topper at the last sale. Yes, we went a bit over budget with that last 50 cents.
I think we got our money's worth today.
What did you unearth this weekend?

Have a weekend full of joy, P.
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