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Friday, June 12, 2009

Help, I'm (computer) Illiterate

Question ? How in the heck do I make my picture smaller to load it on Etsy? I have a Mac and edit photos with IPhoto. I do not have Photo Shop. This is very frustrating. I have some cute little vintage stuff to sell but my photos are over the allowable size and need to be reduced (Kinda like me.)So if anyone can give me a clue I would greatly appreciate it. My daughter says to email them to myself but they can be reduced on her e-mail (aol) but I can't figure it out on mine (yahoo).
Plus I would think there would be an easier way, I'm all about the easy. So if anyone out there could help me out I would surely appreciate the advice. Not to burden you too much, but I have another question. Should I start a separate Etsy shop for artwork or mix it all together? It seems Etsy discourages two shops but looks like a lot of you do two shops to make it easier to sell different types of items. I am hoping to actually get a bit of art completed to sell soon.
In the meantime, if I could load my photos I might actually be able to list my cute vintage bits.
What do you think oh wise and wonderful bloggers?

Help a techno challenged gal out, P.

***Added in the afternoon. Woo hoo, Tristan at Enchanted Revelry saved the day! I have successfully added my pictures. Thanks Tristan!
Now, one shop or two?
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cityfarmer said...

can't help ya girlfriend.
I have a mac, too, but don't use etsy!


trash talk said...

When you find out, let me know! I've tried and tried and haven't figured it out. I have AOL but Vista tech.

Anonymous said...

So sorry... I wish I could help. I do not have Mac.... I am more computer illiterate than you!! My DD sets me up with a program & I use it by rote. If there is a bump or change I am lost!!
Maybe you could google a tutorial for what you need or as the people at Etsy.
Good Luck!!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

editing in iPhoto is a snap.

when you go to "export", there is a window that opens that asks you what size you want to save the image in...just click the button "save imges no larger than" and enter 1000 in the width space (it will alter the length itself to the correct number)

then click "export" and then "Okay"


Geralyn Gray said...

I use the mode on my camera called daughter also would take the picture to photobucket and reduce it but I thought that was too many steps. I have to write down what Tristan said---because I don't know how to do anything with iphoto--I learn as I go and that sounds like a good and simple tip.

Laura said...

Ya'll are way over my head. It's like my brain shuts down.

Today my laptop started screaming!
What does That mean...?


mysteryhistorymom said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sweets! I have you entered in my giveaway!

I LOVE the idea of an Ice Storm bracelet- FABULOUS! Lori

Gail said...

So very funny you would post this today! I just opened my Etsy shop this week ( and had the same problem with "large" photos.
I went to the Etsy community for help and here's what worked for me:
In iphoto click on the photo you want to upload.
Go to File
Choose export
Choose jpeg
Choose lowest quality, and then medium for pic size.
I export mine to my desktop (so I can find them easily, otherwise they can get lost on me!)
Hope this works for you, I found it very easy and I'm not good on the computer (understatement :))

Anonymous said...

Hi Pam , Hooray for you! You got it figured out. Another editing program is online for Free - Piknic. It works well and you can do an upgrade for a yearly fee. I just use the Freebie. I purchased Photoshop but haven't fiqured it out yet. xo , Sue

Marie Reed said...

I'm with Bella! Piknik is the best photo editor out there! I use it constantly! It's truly handy dandy.. so if you have problems with the other options I would resize your photos using Picnik:)

sinnlighet said...

yes yes yes! gorgeous :)

Agneta from Sweden

Anonymous said...

Happy Pink Saturday!"Health,Wealth and Love.."

Ruth said...

I am your partner for the Seaside Swap. Could you please contact me?

Susan from The T-Cozy said...

I've used a Mac for over 20 years and there are still things I'm figuring out!

I don't use iPhoto (I'm a Photoshop fan) so I may not be of much help. One easy fix is to change the setting in your digital camera so that the photos don't start out too large. (72 dpi is best for photos that will be viewed online.)

If you prefer to keep your camera settings as is, then be sure to change the image width before you export your photos out of iPhoto. On Etsy, your photos must be at least 430 pixels wide, and no more than 1000 pixels wide or high. So look at what the larger of the two dimensions is and make that 1000.

Hope that helps!