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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Say Hello to my Little Friend

I am once again participating in this fun event. Click to see what else is going on outside today.
OK, you have to say that title with a Cuban accent, Al Pacino/Tony Montana style.
Somehow every time I decide to take a blog break I end up posting more than usual. I'm sure this is some deep psychological problem that may or may not be addressed at some point. Bloggeritis or bloggomania or some such (just don't name it Frippery disease).
Anywho...Joe and I decided to address the front area in our yard affectionately known as "The Pit". When we built our home, we asked the builder to leave this small grove of trees as it gave us extra privacy as well as blocking some sun from the skylights during the summer. It is located behind the Blessed Virgin statue in this picture. It has become overgrown with Honeysuckle, buckthorn and garlic mustard, all invasive plants in Ohio. So we finally decided to do something with this area, but first it had to be cleared. You can see the Honey suckle sneaking up behind the statue in this picture. As we started clearing, with chainsaw and clippers in hand we discovered our little friend.
Good thing we saw him first. This is a common snapping turtle. We think he had hibernated in the pit, which gets very wet in the spring and when the ground warmed up, out he (or she) came.
We tried to think of a way to get him to move on into the woods in search of a pond. We were concerned about our dogs getting curious because this little bugger can chomp fingers or toes off in an instant, to say nothing of paws or cute wet noses.
He spent most of the day with us. Eventually, as we uncovered him from the shade of our clippings he decided our front yard wasn't a very good snapping turtle habitat. He took it upon himself to find a new place to hang out.
Not the most attractive of the turtle species, if I must say. I do think Box turtles are quite lovely... this guy, not so much.
It was an interesting encounter but I am glad he is on his merry way.

Have a Wednesday full of new experiences, P.
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The Quintessential Magpie said...

Ooooooh, scary! I had an encounter with one once. I used to always stop and move turtles out of the road where practical, and I went to move one once... and it was a snapper. I nudged him with my umbrella, to which he turned on a dime and snappped at me and sent me five feet up in the air!

Glad your fingers and toes and noses survived!

Happy OW...


Sheila :-)

lucyslounge-dee said...

hes lovely we don't have them in ireland.

trash talk said...

That's a face only a mother could love and then from a distance! Have a wonderful evening!

Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

Happy Outdoor Wednesday Pam! I prefer box turtles too! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

Joyce said...

Turtles and me don't mix:) We once had a tiny turtle in a fish bowl in our house and it had a plastic diving board. It dived off the board and was gone. Brother cried for days and Mom searched the house for the little turtle. They say a turtle can't live away from water. Wrong. That guy crawled across the LR and was under the TV set for almost a week. Well he went back into the bowl minus the diving board. No more swan dives for him:)

Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

what an amazing thing,dont think we have smapping turtles in Aus The blue tongue lizards probably scare em away heheYour garden looks lovely too.

LauraBeth said...

Mean little buggers, aren't they? Glad your "little friend" went on to find another home. You garden is looking lovely, by the way - very natural.


That's scary! I do enjoy the little box turtles. Your yard looks lovely. I am so glad we could all get our posts on today with Mr. Linky down with the "who know what".


Sue said...

This may not be the right time or place, but have you ever been to the Oldenburg, (IN) "Mock Turtle Soup Festival"? YUM YUM!!!

Just a thought...

Sonia said...

Your yard is so beautiful, love the peonies! The turtle looks like he could do some damage with that mouth! We have a turtle in our yard but he is just a box turtle who loves bananas. Enjoyed your post! Miss Bloomers/Sonia

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I got bit by a snapping turtle when I was little - and even though I know that I'm bigger than they are, I'm still a little scared of them.

I'd tell the truth and say that I'm still scare of them totally, but I don't want to spoil my image.

Jodie LeJeune said...

Don't it make you wonder what else is lurking in your yard??? haha
Just kidding! What a surprise though...he looks OLD!

And do have a disorder. I don't know what you call it but when I think you'll be out for a while, you always slip in a post. AND I AM HAPPY ABOUT IT! Does that mean that I have a reciprocating disorder too?????

everything vintage

Mary said...

I'm glad he moved on but you were able to get some wonderful pictures of the interloper.