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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mothers and Daughters

I am still here. Just very busy with the end of Sadie's Senior year. Gulp! Plus my family thinks I need an intervention due to blogging. (They don't get it) So I am going to cut my computer time a bit but of course I will still be visiting all of you dear friends in blog land.
Friday morning I attended The Mother Daughter Mass and Breakfast at my daughter's high school. An end of year event for Seniors. One more way of saying Good Bye. She attends an all girls school so you can just imagine the flood of tears that were shed. The theme was "Because You Loved Me" and after Mass the girls stood up and sang this song to their mothers. Ack, I am tearing up again.It was a lovely morning shared with daughters and friends. I have watched many of these girls grow up into beautiful, talented young women. Tiny Sadie is standing behind one of her BFF's Amelia. They have known each other from the time they were born.
Mass took place in the auditorium then on to breakfast in the cafeteria, which could have been set for the Pink and Green swap! Hmmm, I don't think the girls knew they were being photographed. Mom's on one side, daughter's on the other. (PSSST, Sandy, do you recognize that purse? Your tag is even being displayed!)
Lots of proud mothers gathering for a cherished few moments with their daughters. My friend Ellen, Amelia's mom, seated next to my empty chair. Ellen and I met when our son's were in preschool. We were both pregnant with our daughters at the time. Sadie and Amelia were born within a week of one another and have been friends to this day. Our sons have also remained close friends!
Each mom received a darling little gift box.
Sadie and Milly (Amelia) will both be attending school not too far from home. (secret yippee!)
The girls are preparing to take the long road away from their childhoods and on to the future that awaits them. Good bye Mother of Mercy, hello world!
I know they are not really leaving us behind, but sometimes it feels that way.

Have a restful Sunday, P.
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Berlin Deluxxe said...

Your daughter and son look so much alike, it's too cute. My brother and I pass for twins too :)
Sentimental moments make great memories don't you think?

Jodie LeJeune said...

sniff sniff...wiping tears
Oh Pam, you have such a wonderful relationship with Sadie. I can just feel that special connection all the way from here!
What a beautiful day to remember.
everything vintage

Teresa said...

What a beautiful event to close out the school year (and high school life). You're so lucky that your daughter will be attending college close to home. My daughter Megan graduates from college this coming weekend. Time flies...

Sue said...

My one and only is a daughter. I too often feel the "empty nest" blues...Lauren moved 2 1/2 hrs away. Reading your post brought all those feelings back when she graduated HS back in '05.

You are lucky to be so closely intertwined with Sadie at this point. I would say count your lucky stars!

Anonymous said...

Empty Nest is not a very comfortable place to be but you will adjust just like many before us. When our last child graduated I though I would curl up & perish. This summer she is attending her 20th HS reunion. Time sure does fly!!

Geralyn Gray said...

Ahhhh nice to have a Mother Daughter event what wonderful way to honor the Mother and Daughter and of course the pink and green theme---how perfect! And didn't blogging with the pink and green swap make you feel some kind of connection of everything being's ok they want to pull you away from the computer----that's the beauty of it---the computer will ALWAYS be there when you need it!!!!! I'll be crying myself this week---Kaylyn's last chorus concert and they will be singing at the town's day of prayer....Hang in there----these ARE the moments!!!!!!

trash talk said...

You are going to be SO busy these next few weeks, that I bet we don't even get a whiff of you!!!
I remember when we took Jenn off to college 3 hours away. C.D. drove and I cried all the way home. In fact, I think I started crying in April of her senior year of high school and I haven't quit since. Sadie is a beautiful and gifted young woman. You and Receipts should be so proud of yourselves for raising such amazing children!
See you after graduation and enjoy every moment of it.
P.S. I want photos and lots of them!

Lynn said...

What a time of life that is when childhood is coming to a close and a whole brand new chapter to write is close arriving. May all your daughters choices be fruitful! Don't cry...

My best, Lynn

I am also back from the brink of extinction. Had to let the blogosphere run itself for a little while. We are finally moved into our new place and I'm back on the bloggin' wagon!


precious posting here. Congrats to your daughter and bravo for you.
God bless both of you with all things that make you happiest!

Stephenie said...

Your daughter is a little hottie!!! I bet you're so proud of her...What an amazing theme!!! I bet there really was alot of tears... Time goes by so quick. I might need some advice in a couple years when my son graduates high school...I'm dreading it already...

Sandi said...

Looks like we've all been having sentimental moments, doesn't it. I know it's hard watching your little girl grow up, but, trust me, it just gets better
(mom to three girls, two boys, all grown)