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Sunday, May 31, 2009


Alternate title could be Lemons to Lemonade or as Bugs Bunny says "What a Maroon."
By now you may be wondering how the Lawrenceburg Antique show went. Well...we decided that we had way too much going on this weekend to do a show on the FIRST SUNDAY in June. Yes folks, I said the FIRST SUNDAY in June. Why I thought that this past Sunday was June 1st is beyond me. Of course, dear hubby thought I knew what I was talking about, bless his heart. He just took my word for it that the show was Sunday. Thank God we decided not to do it!
So...we thought lets just go shop the show and sign up for next month. Up at 5:30 and down the road for a little antiquing. one in the parking spaces set up...ummm...Pam, are you SURE it is this Sunday. Why yes, it is always the first Sunday of the month. Um, Pam, this is MAY 31! Yikes, I do have dementia! Anyhoo. Now we are thinking we will still wait til next month. We have another show to do this month anyway, (and I DO know when that one is).
Since we were up and on the road anyway, we went a bit farther down Route 50 to Rising Sun, Indiana.Rising Sun is now known mostly for it's Grand Victoria Casino, which, because all gambling must take place off land, resides in a riverboat on the Ohio River. We are not much into gambling so we took a stroll along the river in this charming little town.
There are historic Inns and some lovely little restaurants along this street.
All have a peaceful view of the Ohio rolling by just outside the doors.
Like time travel. You know how I love my history.
This log cabin was the original post office. Next door are condos, and one is for sale. We were thinking, maybe...
Wouldn't it be delicious to get up every morning for a walk along the river?
Sweet little Hydrangea tucked into a corner garden.
What a peaceful morning. The scent of freshly cut grass in the air, the water glistening as it rolls it's long way to the Mississippi.
I would love to sip iced tea on this delightful porch every day.
Just taking in a bit of morning sun.
A shady sidewalk garden. So lush.
Gee, I liked it so much, I posted it twice! (dementia again)
How about this quaint facade? I could absolutely live here.
I tend to fall head over heels in love with charming towns I visit. Stories play out in my head of what I would do if I lived there. Which house would be mine, what I would plant in the garden. I am a dreamer.
Cool dappled shade.
We stopped for breakfast at this courtyard restaurant. It was like a secret garden.
The Inn wraps around the back of the courtyard.
Utterly delightful!
Hmmm, I guess thats why it is called the Courtyard.
The view from across the street. I tell ya, I am in love!
Coffee every morning at the table in the side garden, with the river glinting in the sun just a few steps away. Heaven.
Oh, I can picture it all in my head.
Maybe we could move here, someday.
Fabulous detail on this old porch.
I forget what these trees are called. Can anyone give me a hint?
A birdhouse replica of a riverboat. Just adorable.
So, thank goodness I didn't rent a truck this weekend! I am sure my hubs would not have enjoyed our little misadventure as much if we had to haul all our junk home and unload it. What do you think?
BTW I received an award from dear Tonya at LeCoreFemme, that I will post tomorrow. Thanks girl, I really appreciate it!

Have an adventurous Monday, P.
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Jodie LeJeune said...

Pam, this is the real test. If ya'll made it home from Rising Sun without making a wrong turn, then you don't have dementia. Let's just blame your fading memory on too much diet coke, okay?

What a wonderful day ya'll had. Maybe it was meant to be and that is the time you and Receipts needed to get away from all the excitement happening at home.

My advice to you is...invest in a calendar and keep it handy!!!! ;)

everything vintage

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Sounds exactly like something I do all the time. We have other-side-of-the-street parking on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month. If you don't move your car, you're towed and ticketed.

I have a drawer full of receipts to prove that I can tell one Thursday from another.

But - I dont get to have fun days in lovely places like you did, when I have to go pick up my car from impound!

Geralyn Gray said...

Meant to be!!!!!! It looked like a delightful Sunday morning to me!!!! I can't wait to see how you do---you have a whole week to get ready now--are you going to do the show next Sunday??? I can't wait to hear about it!!

trash talk said...

You're not alone...I thought yesterday was the first too! I think it's called a "too full plate".
You can't mover there and Texas too, silly girl. Pick Texas!!!
I think those are catalpa trees. Did the scent of the flowers almost overpower you? If you need help taking extra photos off, I can tell you how to do it. I'm forever double posting a pic and it took me forever to figure out how to remove one without deleting everything!
I love it when you take me on a trip with you. I love history! BTW, congratulations on your name being pulled for the raffle!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Beautiful..... Don't worry about dementia....
Sounds like you just have a lot on your plate!!

psssst... Today is June 1st!! LOL!!

Bertie said...

Loved the tour!! Oh my what a beautiful place to be. I can see why you would want to move there. Yes, they are Catalpa trees and they will get huge pods on them later in the summer.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Aunt May's Cottage

Lynn said...

Oh that porch all fru-fru-ed up! I love it!
Check my blog for a little thing.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I never had any desire to go to Rising Sun because I'm not into gambling, but I had no idea the town was so charming! Now I'm dying to make a trip over there. Loved these photos. Thanks for teaching me something about what's in my own backyard. :-)