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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Love This Blogger

I have to say that the most joy I get from blogging is the wonderful people I come in contact with daily. Some I have met personally and some I only know through this wonderful land of Bloz. So it occurred to me that I need to start pointing out how absolutely charming you all are. Today I am focusing on Greetings from Geralyn. A blogger that I met last year at Silver Bella.
We sat together in class and just seemed to click. You know how you are immediately drawn to certain people as soon as you meet? So we have kept in touch through e-mail and blogging. What a wonderful way to stay involved in a long distance friendship!
Geralyn and I are nearly the same age (she being the younger one) and her twins and my youngest are both graduating from high school and heading to college this year. We have similar tastes in creativity and we share mixed feelings about being empty nesters soon.
We are Bruce Springsteen fans, of course she is the ultimate fan being a Jersey girl, doting moms, paper artists, loving wives and now good friends.
Alas I am heartbroken to say that Geralyn will not be at Silver Bella this year. But for a good reason.
She has recently been hired for her DREAM job and is currently traveling to Boston and Chicago for training. Check out her blog to see where she will be working! It has to do with creativity and is the absolute perfect job for her.
Geralyn also has a lovely Etsy shop and I am telling you this girl is generous! When you order from her I guarantee you will be thrilled when you open your package!
If you are wondering where all the lovely treats I am posting here today are from...they are my give away prize from Greetings from Geralyn! Can you believe this? I almost fell over when I opened this treasure chest full of gorgeous rose themed goodies.
Lotions, mini books, loads of pretty papers, a folio of 10 rose prints that I am going to remodel a room around because I love them so much, rose covered bag...really more than I can list!
I am floored by Geralyn's kindness and feel honored to call her a friend. When she gets all settled in her new job I will bet we will be seeing all the latest in paper art supplies as well as news of her darling and artistic family. Thanks Geralyn, so glad we met.
What blogger are you hooked on today? I think I will try to post at least two of my faves each month just in case you haven't had a chance to visit them. Don't you just love making new friends?

Have a Friendly Friday, P.
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A Beach House Dreamer said...

As you can imagine I'm hooked on pretty much every blogger who post something coastal or beachy.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

wow - what an exciting and lovely collection of roses!

I honestly can't say I have a favorite blogger...each blogger that I visit when I received notice of a new post brings something different to my day. Some are amusing; some are filled with delightful vintage images; some come stuffed with gorgeous photos of exquisite things, both art and antique findings; some give me information about something I've never known about; some give me inspiration both creatively and spiritually.

Yours is one of them. :)

Geralyn Gray said...

I am hooked on friends like you--you made me feel so special--thanks for all of your kind words--I am so glad we met at Silver Bella. It was fun putting the prize together---I am so glad you liked it!!!!

Stephenie said...

That's really amazing you met such a good friend blogging...There really are just sooooo many wonderful people here in blogland..All I know is I'm just so excited to be part of such a beautiful place...Your pictures look amazing...

Really Rainey said...

That is sooo nice.. Blogging is pretty awesome isn't it?
~Really Rainey~

Anonymous said...

I too Love blogging. From the ladies to the gents!! I love the decorating ideas, gardening & all the crafts. When a blogger need to be up lifted or even if I do... someone is always there. I can truly say I never met a nicer "bunch a' people"!!
Love You!!

Songbirdtiff said...

All those roses are BEAUTIFUL! So romantic. Thank you for coming by!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Yes Pam I do agree Geralyn IS one fabulous girl.

HOWEVER I am jealous as you said I'd be. Although I love my beautiful items I purchased from her...I still really think her giveaway was rigged and YOU cheated!

I think it's because you love Bruce as much as she does.

Or maybe because ya'll are going through graduation blues together.

Or...just because ya'll didn't want me to win anything (again)!

(Now you all DO know that I am kidding right?
I am!!!!)

I have won one of Geralyn's past giveaways and she IS generous!

And Pam, you are generous too for always bragging about us...your blogging friends.

Just know that I feel the same way about you too girl...everyday!!!!

Love you sista!!!
everything vintage

trash talk said...

I have to say you are at the head of the class in my book! I always check you out first thing in the morning (I've caught post really early!)
It's funny how the ones I connect with on a personal basis seem to be the ones I would if I were living next door to. You know what I mean!
What is it about birds of a feather? Geralyn is extremely gifted and so are you...see what I mean? Birds of a feather!
I'll have to think about this newest idea of just may have something here.

susan said...

I know that feeling of "clicking" immediately! I have been amazed at the people I feel I almost know through blogging and would love to meet some of them "in person". How lucky for you!

Anonymous said...