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Friday, May 8, 2009

I am Hooked on Color

I am participating in Julia's Hooked on Friday party. Checkout what everyone else is hooked on today by stopping by her blog. So many creative spirits gather there.
A bit of a continuation from yesterday's post. I just couldn't stop adding color!
This is life inside a box of Crayola's, slightly edited. I just had so much fun with the children's books and hubby's globes. Rearranged furniture helped as well. Our family room is long and has some awkward wall openings so furniture placement has always been a trial. Plus, the big black box in the corner isn't helping. It would be gone except that I have others in the family who would miss it. (Random thought, isn't awkward and awkwardly spelled word?)Now I definitely feel the need for window treatments. Just curtain panels on either side of the shades. Simple but colorful. The tall lamp on the left was shiny brass that I sprayed white. I want to spray the large brass lamp as well but I can't decide on black or white, maybe red, or blue or yellow? Give me some thoughts.
I feel so much more myself in this room now. Good experiment in minimalism, but I am in no shape or form a "minimal" person. I mean that literally as well.
A home stager would be appalled, but we will be here for a while so the stage is set for how our family lives. I pulled grandpa's footlocker from WWII out of the basement as a new coffee table. (or as I prefer to call it, cocktail table, umm, depending on the time of day of course, tee hee)
Red, my most favorite crayon in the world! Did I go too far with the little globe marbles in the bird nest?
My computer desk looks dull compared to the rest, but maybe I need that space to be sparse so I can think without clutter.( Although I am beginning to believe I NEED clutter in order to think, just carefully selected clutter) I truly must have an electric cord intervention. Any solutions to this problem, oh creative bloggers?
And, more clutter, er treasures, are coming out of hiding and onto the kitchen counters. I ordered a repro cherry decal on e-bay for my cake tin. ($5 at the flea) When I put it in the sink to wash it the cherries faded away. The little sugar/cream/salt and pepper carrier was a $2.00 brown wood find. Spray paint in cherry red is my friend.
Red, white, blue and yellow are the colors of summer to me.
Are you ready for sunny days, cookouts and all the pleasures warm weather brings?
This just makes me happy. Simple joys. Eye candy still life.
Thrifted goodies thrown together make my heart sing. So much can be done without spending a fortune. Reuse passed along pieces in new ways. Gather bright colors together to tell a story to our senses. The need to reorder our nests to please our own eyes and make a comfortable home for our family and friends is even stronger when the things going on in the outside world seem beyond our control. Please don't think me too frivolous for blabbing on about where to place furniture or what color of paint to use. To me this is an extension of the creative soul.
God has blessed us with eyes to see the beauty in simple things. It is OK to be frivolous sometimes.
BTW I really would appreciate thoughts on the lamp color or furniture arrangement and definitely the cord problem. Oh and what about fabric?
I really want to thank all of you in Blogland for being there and giving so much joy. What a wonderful community.

Have a fullfilling Friday, P.
P.S. I am going to paint my wall cabinets white and my island will probably be red, what do you all think about black or yellow for the base cabinets. Remember, it's only paint. So what's your opinion?
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Marilyn said...

I Love color also & "stuff", colorful "stuff".
My Uncle said once that I was like a Goose.... When they make a nest they like to pull the things closest to them in & around them. LOL! Maybe he was right!!
I didn't wear all those shoes out at Flea Markets to get "stuff" just to have it packed away!
Home Staging shows are fine but they are for selling homes, not living in them!!
I think your rooms now look like a Home not just a House!!
Have a Great Day!!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I love the way your family room looks - very cozy and inviting and tranquil...all the things a gracious family room should be.

I also see that it's not a room where the guys will feel out of their element (which sometimes happens in houses where there is too much vintage going on everywhere). I like that you made it really attractive without being too pretty.

And, I'm also hooked on colour - so you got me caught on the title!

Lou Cinda said...

I love your den! It looks very warm and inviting! Love the colors!

I have "stuff" too and I love it all! Minimal would not be a word used to describe my decorating all!

I struggle with the cord issue also. Maybe a silk plant or something with some height to it under the desk.

Have a great weekend!

Lou Cinda :)

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Happiness is reflected so pleasantly in your home :)

trash talk said...

When you get that "cord" issue resolved let me know!
Good to see the color back in your cheeky posts! Like I said we are what we are and let's face it girl, you are one colorful character and I wouldn't want you any other way! In the words Popeye-"I yam what I yam!"

thedomesticfringe said...

I love your living room. It looks very cozy.


Mary Beth said...

I love your home-so beautiful, lush and warm...ahhh! I really liked your groupings and such (I am so NOT good with words but I really liked it all). I would go with the red for the cabinets.

Oh, and for the cords, you could make a tube, pulled so it is ruffly, and run velcro the length of the tube you can remove it easily for washing or moving of the plugged in items. Hope that made sense-long week, long day!

Bella Dreams said...

It looks wonderful! Who cares what a home stager would think. I love the way you pulled all of the different colors and patterns together. Much more interesting and happy than having everything all matchy matchy. Which I hate!

Geralyn Gray said...

Happy Mother's Day Pam......I hope it is a special day for you! Thanks for always leaving the best is like opening a little gift---I understand the words kindred spirits so much more since I started blogging. No pressure or obligation, but I sure would like to see your crown of flowers....or better yet how you felt making it---I hope it makes you feel like that little girl in May again!

cindy said...

LOVE that vintage cake dome! How cute is that?