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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Change is Coming and It Is A Bit Quirky

First I must thank the ever hilarious, witty, brainy and oh so cute Quirky Loon for this sweet award. The best part is it comes with no strings attached. So instead I will attach it to my side bar with a link to the Quirky one so you can visit her and say hello. (But do not tell any Zombie's that you know where she is.) Back at ya baby! So in her honor I have decided to make a few quirky changes of my own.
In my quest for a calm, easy to live with environment I began painting all my walls in different shades of neutral beige. Previously they were a riot of red, blue, yellow and green. (Not all in the same room of course, and changed quite often as well) I thought that with this new, soft, no color backdrop I could change my decorating accents with abandon.Then I saw all of the lovely neutral and clean decorating out there in magazines and on the blogs and thought, "This is for me!" So I gleefully de-cluttered my rooms. I packed away many little "dustcatchers" and left only shades of black, white and silver. As always I allowed a touch of red.
Easy to keep tidy. Nothing to dust around. Uhhh...empty? Hmmm, I am craving color. As much as I love looking at the pictures of the beautiful, neutral living spaces I realize this isn't me! As a matter of fact my dream home would probably resemble a picture from a child's coloring book. Now I doubt that since I painted all these neutrals in the past year my hubby would be thrilled if I started repainting in my favorite colors of red, blue, green and yellow, (sound familiar?) again, so I thought I would channel a little Daisy Cottage and throw in color with my collections of children's books.
Well, that's a little better. But wait! Hubby collects something very colorful and they were headed for his basement office, where no one would see them but him!
So I dusted them off and started to place them around the family room.
Now that is more like it. Why did I feel I had to change my style to make my home look like it was staged to sell? Too much HGTV I guess.
Oh those pretty bright colors. I missed them... a lot! I will spend the rest of the week happily tweaking the colors until they fill the whole house again.
Plus, those neutral walls do work with any color scheme.
I think my hubby will be thrilled to see his collection displayed in a "public" room rather than hidden away in the office.
Now to find some wonderfully colorful fabric for window treatments. In reds and blues and greens and yellows. Any suggestions? Wait till you see what I have planned for my kitchen!
Pssst, don't tell Joe I talked about repainting, he thought I was finally finished with the first floor walls. Tee Hee.

Have a worldly Thursday, P.
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Berlin Deluxxe said...

A home must feel exactly like that-home. Fads as we all know come and go, but what makes us happy is always in. I love your husbands book collection. Isn't it a shame that with the CSPIA laws we won't have access (or limited access) to older children's books? It's a shame.
I have something for you going out in the mail soon. Your little egg shrine has already been lovingly packed and sent to our home awaiting it's debut as wedding decor... Thanks :)

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

How fabulous!!! I love what you have done to the the saying goes. Really! The neutral walls give an elegant look and the pop of colors with the "collections" is pure perfection! Can you tell I like it?

Geralyn Gray said...

You've been busy--love it! I too noticed all the different shades of white in magazines and shops--it is a nice trend---but I'm glad you added some color. Pam--you are right. Kaylyn gets offers for the girls that she paints--the mom's want to buy them--she doesn't know what to charge them---she should do a Mother's Day drive and drop off paintings to Mom's--wouldn't that be fun. She needs to get in a gallery so she knows what to charge--that is the hardest thing for her. She should try the etsy thing too--we'll see....

Lou Cinda said...

Now, this is my kind of decorating too! Things I love, my "stuff"! I have tried to declutter too, and I did the same thing you did! Brought my stuff back!

I think this looks gorgeous and I can't wait to see what you have planned for your kitchen!!

Lou Cinda :)

The French Bear said...

It all looks so good, I love all your collections!
Margaret B

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Pam, I love the different colored globes! Indeed, I remember when you went through the de-clutter spell. I tried to follow you...not sure I accomplished it. But, what you've added back is great. Lots of personality in the colors of the books and globes. ~Mindy

Marie Reed said...

Color!!!!!! I'm glad that you are making it comfy cozy and are jumbling it up with beloved objects again! I think that homes that look like magazines are too uncomfortable. I'm always afraid that I'm going to spill something and can't really kick back!

Marilyn said...

I love color!! My LR is pink & my DS bath is turquoise retro!! My kitchen is Mary Englebreit Red & Yellow!! Now see, you can have everything....
Love your choices too!!

Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

Hehe i am so with you, I often think of making my house clutter free and neutral.Then i remember how bored i would be.And what would happen to my treasures without their protective coating of umm dare i say Dust.Love the look now with the books and globes.

trash talk said...

Let's face it Pam...we are just not neutral type of gals. We were meant to shine!
I love that you brought the color back and agree that color is a great backdrop for whatever you cook up in that talented brain of yours. The globes are a nice bit of whimsy, kind of like you!
Can't wait to see what you dream up for the windows.
You rock, girl!!!

Quirkyloon said...

Aww thanks Pam!

And let me add...your room looks gawgeous! Just gawgeous!!

And I was thinking, dang, her home is HGTV quality!

Very nice.

thedomesticfringe said...

I love your room - both ways! I like the nuetral backdrop. It's so easy to change things up. I want to paint everything nuetral. I've been thinking about it for a while. My husband wants everything white, but I can't handle that. Too much like a hospital.

sew revived said...

Pam, if you hide the receipts he'll never know you painted!