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Saturday, April 4, 2009

We Are Going on an Egg Hunt

I participated in Viv's Whimsy Easter Egg Hunt Swap. Today is the day to hunt for eggs!Each participant created two eggs to send Viv's way. She then separated and packaged all the eggs and sent two back to all of us. Today all the participants will link on her blog and find who's eggs they received by hunting all of the blogs. What fun!
Inside one of the eggs I made. A little bird keeps watch over a little treasure in her nest.
A woodsy little egg with a lichen covered niche. It's base is a vintage Jello mold.
A cozy place to build a nest.
The second egg I made contains a sweet chenille chick decked out in her Easter bonnet with a little veil at the front.
I covered the bottom of the egg in pastel buttons with a little stack of buttons for a stand.
She is nesting in a bit of pale pink tissue garland. A soft bit of fluff for a dear little chick.
The eggs I received are delightful. A glittery lavender egg wrapped in green tinsel and topped with a spring flower.
I placed it on my computer desk under a dome created from a drain guard and a glass knob. (I saw this done on another blog and loved it. If it was your blog let me know, as I can't remember where I saw it.:-)
My second swap egg is a darling aqua and pink confection. A little egg box wrapped in ribbons and tags.
Inside is the sweetest little chick wearing a matching crown and nestled in the tiniest bits of iridescent fluff.
A lot of lovely detail adorns the outside of this egg.
They are arranged in a vignette at the side of my computer desk so I can enjoy their Eastery goodness every day. Now I am off to hunt for the generous artists who created these eggs. Wish me luck.

Happy hunting, P.
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Michelle said...

The eggs you made are really beautiful!

Sue said...

Oh, Pam, don't you LOVE Spring???

Those eggs are so adorable! Happy Hunting.

Speaking of Spring, if you go to my blog and look at the blogs I follow, there is one called "Fairegarden" which has some of the most fantastic pics of flowers. You might enjoy...

Ah, yes, and the Bengals...I found it hilarous that Mikey Brown made Carson do his dirty work for him (on the recorded message). LOL I would have kept my tickets too, if I had them. Like I always say, where the Bengals are concerned, Hope always spring Eternal!!!

Have a GREAT Sunday!

Jodie LeJeune said...

How Fun! All of those eggs are simply beautiful!

***I love your pictures!!***

I love the fact you stood yours up with a vintage jello mold...I was wondering what you were going to do with those!!! You are just sooo talented!

And that little chenille chick is just so sassy with her little crown. She is certainly the center of your little vignette!

Have fun Egg Hunting...I think I'll spend the day peeking around the bushes too!!! This was a cute swap!

everything vintage

Geralyn Gray said...

Oh, Pam I came here first...........You went all out--your eggs are beautiful--so creative you are. I love what you recv'd too. But, your pictures and how you displayed them are fitting for how special they are too.

Stephenie said...

All your eggs are so pretty...It's hard to choose a favorite because they are all so pretty.. I also love how you display them...

vivian said...

hi pam, so glad you joined the swap and like the eggs you recieved! it was a fun swap! hugs

Jeanne said...

I see MY egg - I love how you placed them in that vingette. And the eggs you made are gorgeous! Lucky gals who received one of those!

AwtemNymf said...

ohmywings- the eggs you made are gorgeous! The ones you got back are s-w-e-e-t! Wasn't this a fun swap Viv hosted?! I lurrve Vivvy! She's a sweetheart! I enjoyed my visit here!
I've got to get to getting...
*leaves a faerie dust trail behind me... I've been by*

kana said...


Hi I am Kana and I loved making your lavendar egg! I really like how you are displaying it! Hope you will enjoy.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

These (both the ones you created and the ones you received) are marvelous! So sweet - and lovely - and graceful!

Now - what exactly is a drain guard? I have many drains in my home, but I don't have anything that looks remotely like that little cage!

Stefanie said...

Your eggs are adorable and you are very lucky to receive two gorgeous eggs back.

Happy Hoppy Sunday!

kathy said...

OH THANK YOU __ I LOVE ♥ my little chick in her egg -- Have such a love for buttons also . so this was perfect for me -- Her little veil was too too sweet !
Kathy - ga

trash talk said...

I have missed so much! I hope I can get the laundry done while catching up!
Your eggs are GORGEOUS! They look vintage...just beautiful.
I was reading your surprise birthday post, what great friends-remind me to send you a punch recipe (and I do mean punch) with Southern Comfort in it!

Puddle of Grace said...

I love your photos!!! Lovely eggs, each one!

Folksie Linda said...

Hi Pam...what a beautiful job you did on your eggs.. you are quite the creative one and the eggs you received are beautiful too..what fun! Hope you found your eggs..mine are not here so I will be hopping along ..hope you had fun today! Hugs, Linda

Elizabeth said...

Tres belle! Elegant all around...yours and the ones you got back.

Berlin Deluxxe said...

What classy, little, fun eggs! You are truly talented :)

Christine Edwards said...

Your eggs are so beautiful. What detail you've put into each one. I love how you've displayed the eggs you received. I need to spend some more time looking through your lovely creations.

Little Lovables said...

You made some gorgeous eggs, truly little pieces of art! I love how you put the purple egg in the dome, lovely! And the blue one with the chic is so sweet!

Malissa said...

I'm a bit late blog hopping, but I'm still enjoying getting to see all of the cute eggs and all of the wonderful blogs out there! Your eggs are adorable and looks like you received some really cute ones, too!

The Painted Fern said...

You saw the drainer cloche on Raised in Cotton Blog :)