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Friday, April 24, 2009

Posting While Pouting

So, my BBF ( Best Blogging Friend or Best Bella Friend or Both) Jodie invited me and another BBF, Sandy to New Orleans this week to visit. UH...Sandy is going but I'm not. Waaaaaaaa! My daughter is graduating high school in a couple of weeks and there are too many things going on for me to leave. Waaaaaa! Last night my dear hubby found a $200.00 round trip airfare to NOLA but NOOOO I can't leave Sadie. Waaaa! Sadie just informed us that she will be gone for the weekend with a friend to visit her friend's Dad who plays in a band. Waaa! OK, I just have to suck it up. Waa, sniff, sniff, wa. This will be the last whine you hear from me on this subject. In a few weeks I will be whining that my kids are both grown and no one needs me anymore.
All Better. Jodie and Sandy, I hope you have a marvelous time together and please post lots of pictures so I can feel like I was there too.
To comfort myself I am going to take you on a stroll down one of my very favorite streets, which coincidentally had a street sale last week on my birthday. So hubby and I spent the morning yard sale-ing through this lovely neighborhood.The sun was shining, the air was warm and all the trees were in blossom.
The fresh green only spring brings to the Earth.
Absolutely darling houses.
Each one is a fairy tale abode.
Many varied architectural styles.
See why I want to live here when I grow up?
We also visited a rummage sale in Indiana and a multifamily sale full of antiques. We came home with loads of goodies.
Bunches of broken jewelry for art.
Hubby found two old newspapers with events in Cincinnati's history.
Flour sacks... future pillows? curtains? any thoughts?
A musical jewelry box with a dancing ballerina and a tackle box for art supplies, $1.00 for both of them!
Books, and books and books. Sweet white cafe curtains.
Avon calling. A quarter for each of these cuties.
I am going to collage this jewelry box, it is plastic with a retro Asian kind of motif right now. I found a small bowl at GW that matches this creamer. More storage for the art room.
A wonderful mirror for a few bucks! I feel much better now, thanks for letting me have my pity party. Really, good friends who want to spend time with me, a gorgeous daughter getting ready to pursue an art degree, a hubby who likes to go junking, (oh and did I tell you we are taking dance classes as well?) and indulges my every whim. What the H**L do I have to whine about?
I hope you are all as blessed in your lives.

Have a fantastic Friday, P.
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trash talk said...

Yeah girl, what are you whining for? Let me get some cheese to go with it! You forgot you're beautiful, talented, and funny as sin! Yeah, you got it rough, real rough! You know I'm just ribbing you. You whine all you always let me! I would be a little cranky myself about the trip to NOLA! It's one of my favorite places to visit.
I had a brain fart...what if you used the feed sacks and the curtains to either make slipcovers or as seat cushions? Tray Sheek!
Believe me when I say that at first the empty nest is sad, but then you and Receipts will think of something to do with those empty rooms. Wink, Wink!!!

The French Bear said...

It is sad to not be with your friends, cause they'll miss you too! The treasures you found should help. What a lovely neighborhood to stroll!! Happy creating, it won't seem so bad when you made something fantastic!!!
Margaret B

Jodie LeJeune said...

Oh my God girl, you are funny. You know there is NOTHING more I'd want than for you to come down and play but if my daughter was graduating, there was NO way I'd leave as I'd be spending every moment I could with her...heck~I'd even follow her this weekend to see the band! tee hee

Plus, if I had a wonderful husband such as Receipts, I couldn't leave him either in fear he'd go yard sale-ing without me!!!!

And...this gives you a great weekend to work in your craft room and play with the goodies you just got, you lucky girl!

So, we will miss you and wish you were here. (a lot)


Have a great weekend my beautiful little spoiled happy friend,
Love ya much!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

What a haul you made and in such a gorgeous area!!! Lucky girl you. And, pray did you convince your hubby to go to dancing classes? I've been begging for years so let me in on the secret.

I'm having a giveaway so head on over and check it out!

Anonymous said...

Nice stash Frip! Sorry you couldn't go with your BFF's, that sucks, but in true womanly fashion, you did what always!

heh heh

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Poor you. It's hard to be left out of all the fun! I'd be pouting, too.

Wish I had a neighborhood like that to take my walks in. Gorgeous!

Love the old newspaper. What a great find.

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Spending time with your hubby shopping around and picking up great stuff is a great way to start a weekend.
I'm sorry you didn't get to see your friends, I'd be sad too.
Have a lovely weekend!

lyn said...

I love your blog! You are so funny! Plus you just made me itch to go garage sale-ing for old jewelry.
Sorry about your teapot! I hate when I do something like that. My hubby threatens me with supervised care too. I tell him that's his job! Keep up the good work! I return just about every day.

Laura said...

Just wanted to say hi. I looove New Orleans so I can really sympathize.

Have a great weekend,
Congratulations to your daughter!
Fun times-

Laura said...

Hi! Thanks for your kind found some wonderful things at the sale so I hope you are feeling better about missing your friends....I know I would be sad getaways with the gals are always such fun and restore my spirit! Your blog is so entertaining and fun ....I will be back often!
Be well, Laura

Valarie said...

Oh my what a sad story!! I was fussy this weekend also, so I can relate. I hope your week is better. I love all of the goodies you got at the sale, and I love your blog.

Stephenie said...

Sorry you didn't get to go with your friends...It would've been alot of fun for you...Just remember your daughter only graduates once...It is alot to plan a graduation party..Not to mention the exspense to...
I love all those pictures of those houses..They're all so pretty...What a pretty neighborhood..What a funny post!!!


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