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“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” R. W. Emerson

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mes Amies from the South

Today I am grateful for a couple of Southern women that I really enjoy visiting.
I am a southern bell wannabe, y'all. I try to mimic my lovely friends from Louisiana and Texas. I know I can't really be Southern but maybe I will absorb some of that charm by osmosis.
I met a sweet Cajun gal at Silver Bella. Jodie LeJeune of Everything Vintage is a talented paper and jewelry artist and one of the dearest and most fun loving girls I have ever met. She is always searching for the next great photo and carries her camera everywhere. For good reason, as she is also a quite accomplished photographer. She has caused me great camera envy.I learned a lot of little artistic tricks from her at Silver Bella and as soon as I get Photoshop I will be leaning on her for tech support. She is a wealth of creative knowledge and cute as a bug on top of it all. Stop by her blog and Etsy shop and y'all say Hi!
The second lovely Southern friend I want to talk about is TNT Debbie from Talking Trash. I only "know" Debbie through her blog but we are "soul sisters" for many reasons. A real Texas chick who has all kinds of fun running around with her Cat Daddy buying up those great vintage goodies that seem to only be found in Texas. She is setting up shop in Warrenton right now for Antiques week. At this point I hope she is pouring herself an icy Dirty Martini and not having a come-apart!
She recently became a Grandma again, much earlier than expected, but things seem to be going well with her tiny new Bella Marie. So grab yourself a hang-down and a cold drink and go say Howdy. (Especially if you need to find out what a hang-down is) I am sure there will be lots of pictures of the goin's-on at Warrenton when she returns.
I think I have this Southern lingo down pretty well.
Thanks you my dear girls from the southern states, for being so much fun.

Y'all don't have a come-apart today, P.
PS The first photo is by Jodie and the second is Debbie's.
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Anonymous said...

Hey, a lady from my own heart! I too have longed to be a "Southerner" by move... I have live in the NE all my life & would love to feel that slow Southern-ease. I get tired of the Yankee mentality of "Hurry-Up-&-Wait!!
(also hate the winters)!
So yall' have a great day!!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Lights, Camera, Action....
Wow girl, you made me feel like a movie star! Thanks for all of those sweet words about me! (& Debbie too, she's hilarious!)

Today is April Fool's Day so I hope no one thinks you are joking...I really AM all those things you said I am!
;) haha

Thanks SO MUCH for the blog love, I feel so special!

Now I'm going to work with an attitude...
I'M ALL THAT" (finger snap)

luv ya much!!!!!
everything vintage

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Oh Pam, you are a southern belle :)

boylerpf said...

That Southern drawl is workin' pretty darn good! I believe it! We lived in NC for many years with friends from GA and neighboring states. I had to really think sometimes what was being said..LOL!

Anonymous said...

You know, I've always assumed you were from the South. I mean, I know you live in a snowy area now, but for some reason, I just thought....


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Gurl! We'd adopt ya and teach you how to speak proper and everything! Come on! ~Mindy

stephanie said...

Pam...Thank you so much for taking the time to impart your words of wisdom on my last post. I needed it!! I really,truly appreciate it and am enouraged by what you wrote. I've already turned down a new volunteer opportunity (that I almost caved in and did because it was for a good cause, but I didn't really WANT to do it) because of what you, Jodie, and several others wrote...

Stephenie said...

I loved your post today..I loved hearing about other ladies here in blogland...Jodie is really sweet..Her comments are just so welcoming and make you feel like you've known her forever...
Thanks for sharing Debbie's info, I'll have to check out her blog...

trash talk said...

Pam, what a lovely surprise to come home to!!! You are just the best ever. You've got all the southern traits down (although I don't think we own exclusive rights to them). You are warm, giving, generous, sincere, gracious (that's a real big one down here), funny, and make everybody feel right at home when they sit down to read your posts. So whenever you feel like moving on down here, believe me girl, you will blend right in! Love you bunches....Debbie