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Monday, April 6, 2009

Meandering Monday

The definition of meandering is to follow a winding and turning course. This post has many twists and turns, so bear with me.
First of all I want to thank the two generous bloggers whose eggs I received. The lavender Linkegg was created by Kana of Kana Creates. The little blue egg box was made for me by Jeanne of Dream, Create, Inspire. Two bloggers that I will definitely be visiting often. Thanks ladies, you are the best! This post also suits the second definition of meandering, to move aimlessly and idly without fixed direction. Kind of how my life feels sometimes, but in a pleasant way.
Coming home Saturday evening, as we pulled up the drive the light was so perfect as it illuminated our Bradford Pear that I had to jump out of the car, camera in hand.
When the first flowering trees bloom in spring they are absolutely magical. The world transforms itself. I feel like we are living in the pages of a fairy tale.
White, lacy blossoms that will soon flutter to the earth and blanket it with an impossible warm snow.
How sweet are these tiny, cup like blooms. Each perfect in itself.
The afternoon light at the change of the seasons is like liquid gold. Spring brings magic to the Earth.
Speaking of nature's magic, I was sitting at the computer yesterday morning when I spied movement outside the window above my desk. Look closely and you can see what I am talking about. Several hawks (on closer inspection I think they are turkey vultures, not quite as elegant) were landing in the tree tops.
If you look closely you will see four in the photo above. One has spread it's wings and three are sitting on the branches.
Forgive the photo above, I know they are hard to see. (If you click on the photos they will enlarge) It was so beautiful to see them circling and then landing just outside the window.
The next bit of magic comes by way of the Rustic Victorian. She hosted a handmade pay it forward on her blog and look what she sent to me. A tiny beribboned box. When opened it spilled it's magic.
Beautiful little bits and bobs to use in my art. A collaged roll of ribbon and trim held fast with a pink pin. A paper cut Victorian boot, tiny lace doily, and a crystal prism all wrapped in creamy crepe. What a sweet treasure box.
Speaking of treasures, my sweet daughter Sadie and dear doggy Baby, nose to nose.
My meandering way is full of blessings, I hope yours is too.

Have a Monday full of wanderlust, P.
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Geralyn Gray said...

I have a thing for birds---you have four in your family too--right. Lately I feel like you see things for a we really appreciate the bloom of every flower this year after all the snow. Every Spring my appreciation for the season grows and grows. I enjoyed meanering with you and I love what you recv'd from the Rustic Victorian.....heavy sigh......just that kind of day.

Geralyn Gray said...

I came back to you on the hunt.....I am still searching for the maker of my pretty blue egg and when I came to fluff and finery I thought it might be the creator of my egg (it is fluffy and fine)---I forgot it was you---silly me.....I am off to hunt again--ttfn

Marilyn said...

Breathtaking Bradford Pear.... We have Turkey Vultures fly over us with an occasional stop in the Spring & Fall. They are so beautiful up in the air circling BUT up-close?? Not so much!! LOL!!
Have a great day!!

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Pear trees in bloom are always so breathtaking, like big clouds of fluff.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Such happiness to be had on your post today!

trash talk said...

So glad to see spring has sprung for you and just for heck of it, let's just say those are hawks! Makes for a prettier mind image.
Mind Meandering is one of the things I do really well. BTW, I'll be doing an update on Bella soon, but she is doing wonderfully! We are so blessed. Debbie

Jodie LeJeune said...

BEAUTIFUL scenery!
By any chance, in the first picture of your Bradford Pear that one of your furry children or your FUR coat in the bottom right hand corner??? tee hee

Hope you are catching up on everything since you have been such a busy bee with all of your swaps. Glad they are keeping you busy as graduation time is approaching. Believe won't be as bad as you think. You will LOVE the extra time just for YOU!

everything vintage

Stephenie said...

What a beautiful post...That Pear tree is just amazing...That's amazing you were able to capture the pictures of the birds...
That box really does look magical..Love the goodies inside..

Kathy said...

Love your photos - the pear tree is just wonderful - spring has sprung - and that just makes me happy (not looking out the window at the snow right now...) :)

I think meandering is a good thing - we should do it more often!

Beautiful post! Kathy

Laura said... your blog....your photos of the pear tree blossoms is wonderful.. will be back to visit soon. Be well, Laura

Sue said...

Your post was so relaxing...just like the word meandering. How did you do that??? Power of suggestion, maybe?

Your pear is so beautiful! Our prettiest tree...a flowering crabtree...was hit by some kind of disease a couple years ago and we were unable to save it. Jim cut it down a couple weeks ago. Our side yard looks so sad and barren now...