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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cozy Kitchen

As I was writing my blog post for Monday, thunder and lightening were grumbling and flashing outside. What is cozier than an evening thunderstorm when you are safe and dry in your own home? I turned from my computer and the house looked so warm and inviting I just had to share it.I painted my cabinets a few years ago as well as the faux tile backsplash. The "tiles" are painted right on the drywall. I am a bit tired of the look and am considering painting the cabinets white and adding real tile and a butcher block wood countertop. Sunday evening however, it just looks cozy, a haven from the storm.
I love red, so regardless of what I decide, there will always be red accents in my home.
Humpty Dumpty is sprouting a bit of spring. Yellow is another color I will not live without. Warmth and sunshine, just lovely. The cookie jar is from my childhood home, alas he had lost his top but he makes a wonderful container for flowers.
This is where I blog, see, I am in the middle of adding pictures for Monday! I loved the spring showers but as I write this they are calling for snow Monday and Tuesday. Argh! Well, I have experienced snow here as late as Easter in mid April. I am sure my daughter wouldn't balk at two hour delay for school. We shall see.

Have a warm, cozy Tuesday, P.
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Marilyn said...

I love your kitchen... It is so warm & cozy. When I see how lucky we all are to be able to share pics of our homes I think about those unfortunate souls around the world who have none.
"But for the Grace of God go I"
Easter Hugs,

Jodie LeJeune said...

Oh Pam, I'm coming over.
Your home is just so warm and cozy.
I'm bringing some hot chocolate and Reese's Peanut butter cups (my favs)...Don't doll up as we'll just hang out in our flannel pj's and visit.

I know you may talk about repainting the kitchen but I hope I can change your mind about white...I just love it the way it is now!

Oh by the you think Receipts could cook us up something while we visit? That would be so nice of him. Maybe a chicken soup...or a gumbo?

Okay, who's coming with me to Pam's????

See ya soon!
everything vintage

trash talk said...

Pam, You and Jodie better not get started on the pbcups until I get there! What a lovely spot to sit and write...inspirational. I love the cookie jar w/o the lid used as a vase. Looks like Humpty has it going on in the hat department.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Cozy and inviting. The lamp in the kitchen is a nice touch. And your writing table is inspirational! Just beautiful, Pam. ~Mindy

boylerpf said...

Your kitchen is great! I can attest to having a butcher block counter top..the BEST! We've put one in every kitchen we've versatile.

Sue said...

Thanks for another peek inside your home, Pam! I agree...with the thunderstorm we had, it sure looked so warm, cozy, safe and secure.

I love your red accents, too! And your Humpty Dumpty cookie jar/vase is ADORABLE!!!

I would love to attempt to paint faux tiles in my kitchen...I am SOOOOO not crafty, unfortunately...

Have a great evening...Stay warm. Spring will SOON be here...

disa said...