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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Clowning Karma

I was floored by the positive response to my wacky Monday post. I'm glad I gave you all a laugh or two, (I was a little afraid you might stop visiting because I had developed dementia) I was always told that clowning around when I should be paying attention would get me in trouble. So I guess I can put some blame on you too. Haven't you ever heard that laughing at the cut up only makes her act sillier? Hmmm, you think I would have learned that lesson at my age. Before I tell you how my silliness came back to bite me I have a gorgeous Texas gal to thank.
Ms. Fab-U-Lous herself, Debbie at Talking Trash has bestowed a lovely award on me. The award originated as a tribute from some caring women to their friend who is fighting stage four breast cancer. They tell their reasons for loving their friend this way...
Bella had the following to say about Renee:"Renee is one human being who has made such a difference in the lives of many just by being. Her honestly, wit, intelligence, and grit are a tremendous source of inspiration. She can elicit raucous laughter and guffaws in her banter, and then turn right around and offer the most heartfelt, gentle words of wisdom and emotional support. She is a spreader of love,simple and true. And her love is infectious."This is a brand new award and I have the pleasure and honor of spreading the seed, watching it grow. I hope it finds its way to those who are like Renee: the acorn, a small package becoming a tall and sturdy oak, giving more acorns, becoming tall and sturdy oaks, giving acorns..."Isn't that a lovely tribute? So of course first , Debbie, who has been one of my BBF's since I started blogging, certainly deserves to be recognized by this award...Now, I hope I am not wimping out, but instead of naming 8 more bloggers to pass this to, because, in Deb's words "You know y'all are my favorite, just don't tell the others." Instead, I would ask you to spread your acorns to Cody's Crew in support of finding a cure for Neuroblastoma, a form of very lethal childhood cancer. Pick up a gold ribbon pin for yourself, and a few to pass along, like acorns, to your friends and family. They are also having a logo contest for the site, all you artists out there should think about a submission. As acorns gather and the forest grows hopefully so will research toward a cure.
On to my punishment. As I was sitting at my computer reveling in your comments and sipping a cup of tea, with my kitchen not more than 16' behind me, I heard a strange noise. I even thought to myself, "What is making that noise?" Now, just so you know, my husband was on the couch in the same room playing a video game, and he did not notice a problem either. (although I am getting all the blame because, as we all know, blogging is not as important as a video game) Do you see my sweet little red and white tea pot sitting on the burner. Isn't it cute?
Not so much any more. The sound I was ignoring was the cute tulip teapot flaming away on the stove top while I perused comments. I swore that I had turned off the burner, but apparently I turned it to the highest setting instead. (Isn't this what starts to happen before someone decides you can't live at home any more and they ship you off to supervised care?) So we got the flames put out and the house didn't burn down...this time. But look what happened to my sweet little pot, not to mention the stove top.
That wrinkled red thing is the lovely plastic handle now welded to the stainless steel. Not too cute anymore, huh? Besides the sound of crackling flames that I was too busy to heed, you would think I would at least have heard the little tulip knob popping right off that sucker from the heat.
Luckily, this is one of the Jenn-Air cooktops with removable burner cartridges, so I only have to replace the 2 burner cartridge. After much scraping and reheating to melt the rest of the plastic off I think I will just live with this as is. I would rather spend my money on cute little tea pots. Tee hee. Do you think I have learned my lesson? Me either.
I did accomplish other things in between scraping plastic and throwing open windows. I sent several packages on their way.
My Pink and Green Swap box is on it's way to Tonya at Lecore Femme.
My pay it forward goodie is heading to Ms. Berlin at Shabby Thoughts,
as well as a little treat winging its way to Marcie of The Rustic Victorian, for posting the pay it forward.
I also sent off my Followers give away gift to Mindy at Primitiques N Poetry. Enjoy, ladies!
All right, I guess I better knock off the clowning, at least for today. Hey, do you smell something burning?

Have a wonderful Wednesday, P.
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Jodie LeJeune said...

Hi Pam, it's me Jodie.
You have no idea who I am?
Pam, it's me!
I'm your friend from Louisiana.
Come on Pam...
I met you 6 months ago, how could you forget?

Sorry to hear about your stove...maybe the BOTH of you should seek assisted living now since the kids are moving out and there is no one to watch ya'll. tee hee

You little goodies that you sent off look fabulous! Can't wait until you post about them and show them off!

Have a wacky Wednesday...oh wait, you had that yesterday!

everything vintage

thedomesticfringe said...

Pam, I'm sorry, but I laughed out loud at your teapot. That's totally something I would do. I'm always leaving the oven on. I don't why I can't remember to turn it off.

Better luck with the next teapot.

Geralyn Gray said...

My computer is still going up and down on my lap from laughing......the part about the video game and blogging was the funniest......Oh Pam---be careful what you wish for----you know the being real thing. OMG you make me laugh out loud!!!!!!

trash talk said...

Just for the record, was that a Long Island Tea you were sipping on when the fire broke out?
You may be looking at an institution all right, just not the kind you think with many more posts like yesterday's and today's!!! You are cracking me up. It makes me feel so much better to know you are not perfect like I thought.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I know exactly how that happens.

About once every six months, I decide to make ham salad (to which add chopped boiled eggs). I have probably burned up about 10 saucepans over the years from forgetting about them ... and I don't even realize it until I start hearing the eggs exploding.

It's a mess.

(I loved your post yesterday! And if that's what comes of dementia, bring it on!)

Berlin Deluxxe said...

I'm so glad nothing happened to you or your hubby, or your house!
"...blogging is not as important as a video game," this sounds so true in my home as well :)
Thank you for the beautiful gift, I can't wait to receive it!

idrawpix said...

I locked myself out of the house right after I started a small pot boiling with some eggs. I had to break a window to get back inside!
I learned how important it is to hide a key outside LOL!

I am so glad you eventually saved your home!


LMH said...

I'm sorry...I'm not supposed to laugh, right?

I'm laughing.

One day they will have us all in rooms down a hallway-
room 101- set kitchen on fire
room 102- answered phone with tv remote
It feels good to laugh!


Sandi said...

This is exactly why I have an electric teakettle. Not so cute, but it turns itself off! Which is what I require in all my appliances anymore.
Wow you've been busy with mailings! Guess I need to get into some more swaps.

meleen dupré said...


first, so happy to see you returning to silver bella....YAY!!!! hubby coming back too?......second, i feel your stove pain....after melting the bottom of a pot, i now turn on a buzzer/timer every time i put something on and leave the if i could just remember what the buzzing sound is!!!!(he-he)


Lola Enchanted said...

congrats on your award!

Joyce said...

Hi! I clicked and clicked and forget exactly how I got here, but glad I did. I am so sorry about the adorable tea kettle story, but had to laugh at the same time. I love your honesty. I think we'll really need to worry about you when you turn the water on in the sink and go about your business elsewhere in the house and you come back to a little flood. Yep, between the two of these things, you'll be ready. They're coming to take me away, ha ha!

Nice to meet you!!

Justpeachy said...

I came home from work yesterday and upon opening my back door and stepping into my kitchen, my nostrils were assalted by the odor of black tar coffee (yeck) that had been cooking on the Mr.Coffee all day long until it thickened and scorched into a primordial goop, like you, I felt glad that the house hadn't burned to the ground and like an airhead (do they still use that phrase?) usually my coffee maker is on a timer, but because my dog has been getting me up before my coffee maker turns itself on, I have been turning it on myself and I forgot to turn it off as I ran out the door late for work as usually that day. I'd like to offer my Georges Briard coffee pot to replace the tea pot you lost in the fire.