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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blessings Surround Me

Each birthday since I turned 50 has been better than the last! It is like I am a kid again, surrounded by delightful people and beautiful packages wrapped with brilliant ribbons. (I hope this doesn't mean I'm senile) I celebrated my 52nd birthday yesterday and it seems like I have been celebrating for weeks! It began with my surprise tea party with all my dearest friends.
I was in Sedona for my 50th so they decided to wait until this year to surprise me and they did an excellent job of it! Boy can those girls keep a secret!Then on Friday my Mom and I celebrated with lunch at a little restaurant on the Great Miami river . We sat outside on the deck (I forgot my darn camera) and had a lovely lunch, then went to a couple of bookstores to browse. I picked out a book with a CD of images to use in my art and Mom found a Grandma Remembers book. (She does one for each grandchild when they graduate from high school) She gave me a deliciously scented Rose soap and a lovely aqua box with an extremely generous Target gift certificate inside! Yea for Moms, I love you.
Yesterday, sweet hubby and I set off for some fab garage sales. As you know, he sometimes goes by Receipts but he mentioned he doesn't even get those when we shop street sales. We did return home with a haul, good fodder for a later post. Hubby even got a great find of his own. See it isn't really all about ME, haha.
My dear son and daughter gave me two wonderful art totes to take to Silver Bella. Watch out girls, I will be sooo organized this year! I can't wait to start sorting my supplies and filling these great bags up. Speaking of great bags (no I'm not talking about myself)...
One of my Silver Bella BBF's, Sandra Lee,of Sew Revived, sent me this too cute little bag that she made with her own talented hands. Is this fabric fabulous or what? She has her own little tag sewn into the lining, and inside was a sweet magnet with "Be Real, Participate" on it and of course a penny for luck.
You do know the old tradition of never giving the gift of a purse or wallet without a coin inside to insure it will never be empty, right? Thanks so much Sandy, I just love it! You are the best.
We ended the day with a family dinner at an historic restaurant downtown called Washington Platform (once again no camera, hmm, maybe it is senility creeping in) and a lovely cake when we returned home.
Last, but certainly first in my heart, dearest hubby, who made sure the day was filled with all of my favorite things, surprised me with a gift. (Silver Bella and all it entails was supposed to be my gift from him) But he had to give me a little something more. You know how hubs and I both love vintage ads, ephemera and bits of the past on perfect is this? I do truly love Lucy, worked as a decorative painter for several years, and have a penchant for painting rooms and furniture whenever the mood for new color strikes me. This is everything I love all rolled into one!
She will definitely grace the wall of my art room for inspiration and to remind me how truly blessed I am. To be surrounded by people you love, people who know you right down to your soul. Thank you thank you thank you, these words are not enough, but thank you anyway.

Have a blessed Sunday, P.
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Jodie LeJeune said...

Pam, I'm sooo glad you had a fabulous birthday! Thought about you all day yesterday and I couldn't wait for you to post and tell us all about YOUR day!

Receipts is just the best! How thoughtful of a sweet husband. Mine would have probably bought me a new swiffer {not knowing it would be his murder weapon!} just kidding!

And how sweet of Sandra Lee to make that little purse for you. I've never heard of the penny story...that is so cute! I'll have to remember that!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday weekend!!!

I'm just sad you forgot your camera, darn it!
everything vintage

Geralyn Gray said...

I am so glad you had a great birthday--all the gifts were so perfect and thoughtful for you....can you wait to go to Target???? The I love lucy ad for paint was priceless.......Happy Birthday Pam!!!!!!!!!!

idrawpix said...

Pam, Happy Birthday!! I know just what you mean about enjoying them more over 50. I think it is easier to appreciate all the fun, frosting, finery, festivities, and frippery(!) with a lot of life's experiences behind us.

Thanks for commenting on my blog about your tophat wearing buzzards! LOL!


Marilyn said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! I have had 7 birthdays past 50, LOL!! Each one is better than to other!!

Sue said...

Happy belated birthday, Pam!!!

Sounds like you had an awesome one. Gits from family and friends that love you...what more could a gal ask for??? Which restaurant did you and your Mom go to on the Great Miami river?

Love the Lucy paint ad! How cool...

Looks like you are all set for Silver Bella. Sounds like a great bunch of ladies...

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

sounds like quite the fĂȘte!

congratualtions on your birthday - and many happy returns of the day!

thedomesticfringe said...

Glad you had such a wonderful birthday!


trash talk said...

I think Cat Daddy may have found his match in Receipts! I'll be sure and tell him to move over...there is a new rooster in the henhouse.
I am delighted you had such a beautiful birthday. Go ahead and celebrate for the rest of the month as well.
Happy Birthday!

Stephenie said...

Happy Late Birthday!!! I'm glad you had a good one...That sounds like alot of fun, A surprise tea party. I would've loved that.. I love all you birthday gifts too...

stephanie said...

Pam, Happy Belated Birthday!!