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Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Cleaning ...I Mean Colors

This is why I never finish what I set out to do. It is definitely time for spring cleaning but...
instead I am playing with color and arrangements. Moving things from here to there. I know you do this too.
Taking things from a shelf to put under a cloche.
Finding all the yellows and pale blue to mix with the ever present red. What are your favorite spring colors?
I think red can be a spring color too...right? Because I can't live without red. What is your can't live without color?
I know how some of you feel about faux but I just had to have some permanent tulips and my forsythia isn't blooming yet. Forgive me, but I like it. Do you still use a few faux blooms for fun? Check out this Daisy Cottage post for faux done properly.
I don't do all out Easter kitsch now that my kids are grown, but a few chicks are very sweet. What is your favorite symbol of springtime?
These colors will last through summer. (of course I will probably change everything before April ends)
I just added an Easter postcard to this little vignette.
What Easter treasures do you collect?
This little teapot was a Big Lots find years ago. I think it cost about $2.00. The chalkware chicks were $1.00 from a flea market and I have had the chalkware birdbath since I was a child.
I found this cup last year at an antique mall. I have never seen another like it but if I do, get outta my way, it is mine! Have you ever seen anything so pretty. Yellow daffodils on a black ground. Be still my heart.
I hope you are getting a bit of spring cleaning done without the decorating fairy distracting you from your goals.
Alright, where did I put that microfiber duster?

Have a clean, fresh Monday, P.
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Jodie LeJeune said...

Your house is absolutely beautiful Pam so quit cleaning and go finish your play room so we can all see it!!!
I love the little Easter chick near your postcard...too cute!
Glad you are having a playful Monday!
everything vintage

trash talk said...

See, I figure I'm cleaning when I move things around...things actually get dusted!
I love the opaque eggs with Easter on the side and buy them when I find them and yes, red can be a spring color. Tulips are red!
In this day and age of faux nails, faux eyelashes and faux etc. what's wrong with faux foliage?
You are really getting me in the mood for a little Easter dressing!


Geralyn Gray said...

Happy Monday!!!!!!!
I love to be able to enter everyone's home even if you are far away......I see we both have mirrors on our fireplaces...I am having a hard time decorating lately...I thought it was because we we were away for Valentine's Day.....I think it is because my children are getting older---maybe there is no excuse---I just don't feel like doing it. I like looking at all of your decorations, the touches with the books.

philben5 said...

I found myself doing the exact same thing this past week. I would go to clean...but found myself playing with colors/spring displays and so on and so forth!!
Love your spring decor....good luck finding your micro fiber cloth.

idrawpix said...

Your tablescapes are so beautiful! I do very little of that - I try to keep the main house simple. But my art studio! Oh my, talk about needing Spring cleaning! My treasures are everywhere in clutterish tableaux.
My art studio is painted in two shades of yellow. I love the warmth of yellow and have recently discovered my love of all things tiny (except slices of chocolate cake!).
Happy Monday!

Sue said...

Every visit to your home is a TREAT for the eyes! Something waiting around every nook and corner...

I need to get the spring cleaning bug, but so far it hasn't bitten...Maybe a couple more warm days will do the trick!

Really enjoy the tours of your home!


nikkicrumpet said...

I love all your little touches of spring....and I'd wrestle you for that cup!

Justine/Justiney/Tiney said...

I love love love all those pretty touches of yellow! I'm a decorating moron. Poor me.

Justine :o )

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty♥
I spend all day moving my stuff around as well, it gives everything a fresh look :)
love your house!