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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Color ,New Space, I Need Ideas!

I wanted to let you all in on a cute first give away. Tristan, from Enchanted Revelry (Love that title) is giving away a little handmade tussie mussie to celebrate 50 followers! Woohoo! He has a fun, arty and interesting blog. He is a talented artist, vintage lover and renaissance man. Stop by and check out his entertaining take on blogging. (He has a wonderful photo on his header)
Back at the home front changes are going on. A bit of robins egg blue. This is the room that was to be my hubby's office... instead this will be my creative space! He has decided it would work better for his office to be in the basement where my art space is now. So we have lots of work to do.This room with it's poorly executed faux finish was his office when we first moved in. Then recently he moved to what was once our living room. I felt he should have a bigger space. Yikes! The kids, the pets, the noise... he had a hard time conducting business on the phone with family life going on right outside the door. On top of that this upstairs room somehow became a storage spot for all the stuff we had no other place for.
So goodbye ugly faux and junk and 15 year old carpet. I won't miss you.
Now I am thinking of making that first floor room multipurpose, how can I incorporate blogging, dining and guests? A lovely daybed? A pretty desk? Can I use a dining table to pack up Etsy goods when I get my shop going? I need some ideas people!

Have a thought provoking Tuesday, P.
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boylerpf said...

I sure wish I could tell you what to do! My dining room serves as my "shop" storage space, family name it. Seems like everything BUT dining! How great to have your very own room! said...

What ever you put in that room, it will look great with that robin's egg blue! That color just does wonders.

Justpeachy said...

It would be a good place for an indoor hot tub.