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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cat in a Box

Nothing much today except a cat in a box. Yin seems to have adopted a shoe box as a cozy nest.The awful chair in the background is a recent $15.00 thrift find. Look for it in a new outfit sometime in the future.
I think Yin was happier napping alone. Shhh.

Have a comfy Wednesday, P.
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Sue said...

What a beautiful kitty!
Love that second picture...wonder exactly what she was thinking???

Wednesdays are always fun. The work week is halfway to the weekend and this Wednesday is especially nice... My pride and joy is visiting for a couple days!

Have a GREAT day, Pam.

Jodie LeJeune said...

Yin is too cute! Is there a Yang in the house too?????
I love the pattern on that old chair! I'm not one for blue but it looks soooo vintage! and for $15!!!
And who may I ask wears a whopping size 11??? Okay. I'm just having a VERY observant Wednesday and enjoying your blog!
everything vintage

trash talk said...

Is she the "yin" to your "yang"? Thanks Jodie for pointing out the size 11. I guess you do live a charmed life, Pam!!! lol

Lou Cinda said...

Are cats not the most unique animals ever? I have three and your Yin looks like my Simon. They love a box, or anything new or different I bring into the house. They have to "sit" on it for a few days and check it out!

I really enjoy your blog :)

Lou Cinda

boylerpf said...

I would love to curl right up there with Yin and take a snooze. It looks so comfy!!


Anonymous said...

I found your Blog via Tristan... What caught my attention is your kitty. If you come over to mine you will see We are Big Fans of the Felines!!
I think your blog is great!
Love, Marilyn

Frippery said...

OK Girls The size 11's are my son's, He actually wears anywhere from 11 to 12 depending on the shoe. At 6'4'' he would tip over with smaller feet. Ha ha. The cats name is actually Yin Yang but thats not easy to say every time we call her. (She doesn't respond anyway, way too cool for that.) As far as the chair goes, I would have left the vintage upholstery, as it is probably going to be my art room chair, but it is in bad shape and the springs need retying. So now I need to find fabric.If it turns out too cute it may end up elsewhere. Who knows? Pam

Anonymous said...

Even your cat looks classy...just like you!


I love looking at the beautiful items on your blog.

It's like window shopping!

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Your kitty is too cute and nestled in the box, such an elegant kitty too♥

The English Cottage Collection said...

Love Yin's white whiskers! Husbands shoes?? lol!

Anonymous said...



Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I love yin! I only allow black cats in my, I do find him super appealing! ~Mindy

Anonymous said...