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Friday, January 23, 2009

Sunlit Window, a Cat, a Dress Form, Longaberger and a Crafty Idea

Probably my longest post title ever!
I have to begin with two questions. Please let me know what you think. I bow to your knowledge. First, being late to every game in town, I am finally the owner of a DRESS FORM! My darling daughter and dear nephew were coming home Sunday evening...Monday being trash day... and spied a dress form out by the curb down the street! I now know I have been teaching my daughter well because they jumped out of the car and loaded her up. My daughter was grinning ear to ear as she presented me with her trashy gift. Love you Sadie! Now, the girl (dress form not daughter) has a covering of grey knit, like a t shirt fabric, over her base which looks to be kind of ecru paper mache type material. It is not glued on, only attached at the top and bottom. Can I remove this? Is this what all the forms I see out there have as a base? I am dying to get under that fabric!
Question two. (I hope no one has a heart attack) I have several Longaberger baskets that I purchased at various friend's parties. I am sooo over them. I really wasn't into it in the first place, but you know how those parties go. O.K... would it be sacrilege to paint them? I see them on e-bay and they aren't exactly selling for what I paid. I want black or red or ANY color but basket color. I am not using them as they are but they really could be useful. So whadaya think?
Thanks in advance for the advice.
Now, on to the next subject. You have seen these little battery operated tea lights every where, right? They only look cute if they are hidden but they sure come in handy for places where a candle isn't safe.They actually look pretty good when flicking in the dark. Well I have an idea I will share with you next week, promise.
I was playing with getting sharper pics using my tripod.
Afternoon sunlight on cold days is so crisp.
This pic...not so clear.
Yin actually turned out fairly well even if she wasn't invited to model.
How can I turn down a face like that.
A star is born.
Did you notice... no fun filled text. I may try again but please be not press the LARGE button on your text size bar when posting. If you use this button you may be perceived as insane or at least someone to be approached with caution.

Have a warm fuzzy Friday, P.
Do you know the word feline isn't in Websters thesaurus, even as a synonym for cat? You see what I was originally going for? Have a feline Friday wasn't working for me.
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Too funny about the Longaberger's, I had a lot of them too and gave most to my daughter but was thinking of painting the ones I kept the other day. I say go ahead if it will make you enjoy them more!!! You paid for them so why not!!??
The dressform is a wonderful find!!! Can't wait to see it!!!
My kids have the dumpster gene too....much to my hubby's chagrin!!!

cityfarmer said...

I likle to play Simon when I can (hehe)..

after just completely making over this old farmhouse, I say make the baskets go away, IF you arer so over them as you say.

Put them on a garage sale and advertise them in the listing...use the $ to buy something that makes your heart won't miss them I promise

since I've never owned one, I never could figure out the fuss over them, sorry....they cost waaaaay to much, eh?

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

why keep those baskets?

would you eat food you didn't like just because it was there?

do what you want with them - they're yours to paint, rust, sand, glue onto and reshape as you see appropriate!

Teresa said...

Congrats on the dress form! Can't wait to see what you do with her. About the Longabergers...I have several and only use one or two on a semi-regular basis--the picnic basket and the market basket. I mentioned that I was going to paint mine to a friend who is a 'collector' and I thought she was going to have a stroke. They're baskets...not 'heirlooms' or estate pieces. Go for it!

trash talk said...

Pam, if you've got friends who do love 'em, make a gift of them. If not, paint them! If you still don't like them, garage sale or donate. I always pull that fabric off. Half the time it is rotten anyway-just watch out for the dust. Then you can leave it as is, decoupage, paint, glue, do whatever you want to the form to make it yours. And I know you can magic out of her so get to ripping! It's very therapeutic. Debbie

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Well, lets see a photo of the dress form. I have a really similar one to what you got and you can pull the fabric off and either decopage her body or paint it. I saw one painted pink awhile back at a shop. Don't you just love finding free things!

Lola Enchanted said...

I love dress forms!!!!!

Enjoy your weekend!

Deck Ape said...

Pam, thanks for stopping by my blog. You even overlooked the fact that we are Steeler fans... :)

It's a long road for the kids... Many people show support but most can't fathom the terrible journey...

I hope and pray all works out for your niece. She is not the norm for sure...


Momovthree said...

Thank you so much for the great suggestion! I had no idea I could let Ebay search for me. Great tip, thank you.

The dressform sounds fun!