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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Still Painting and a Winner!

This has taken waaay longer than expected. Hopefully Joe will be sleeping in this room tonight. Then I can concentrate on BUNCO. (I have 3 days now!)It is bright but very dramatic. We found some wall sconces at Ikea in black. I doubt I will get out there before next Friday to pick them up. Joe has decided on black and yellow accents. In my insanity I also picked up paint to redo my powder room before Bunco. Wish me luck!
On to the big event. You are all so sweet, if I had time I would make a something for each of you. I'm lucky just to get a minute for art right now. I will post a pic of the prize tomorrow before I package it for the post office.
The winner is Lady Jane's Emporium. Congrats girl! Please e-mail your mailing address and I will send your treasure on it's way.
Thank you all for being out there in blogland.

Have a brilliant Saturday, P.
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Sue said...

I REALLY like the green! And with black and yellow accents...I can see it.

Please be sure to post before and after pictures of your powder room! You ALMOST inspire me to do something to my house! Unfortunately, I don't function in winter very well...especially a dreary day like this one.

Can't wait to see all your finished projects, Pam!

Geralyn Gray said...

Looks REAL green. The BUNCO night sounds fun. I bought the game---no excuse maybe your the incentive I need!!!!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Please tell me you aren't painting your powder room that color green right??? tee hee! I'm so sad I didn't win, but happy for Lady Jane! Yes, we want to see before and after pictures of a fully decorated limeade room! Stop reading all of this and get busy so you can get ready for Bunco!!!
Have fun!


Oh my...Thank you! I am so excited to have won!
I will e-mail you!
Is being a Bunco Babe not the BEST way to get a gal moving on her house...when I was in Bunco it was such a "Countdown" to my Hostess Date! You just have fun with know Let the good times roll! And if you are to busy I understand...get your projects done for Bunco then mail my package! Thanks again! YAHOO......

trash talk said...

I just read Lady Jane's comments and what a gracious winner. If I couldn't win (which I didn't), it's wonderful to see someone obviously so nice did. Now back to the coal mines with you my lovely. Don't make me bust out the cattle prod. I want to see completion photos. BTW, I love the way you did the photos. Tn'T

Anonymous said...

Congrats Lady Jane! That green is definitely bright, but it looks great. Very cheerful.

nikkicrumpet said...

It's bright and cheerful for sure! I hope you get it all done and the bathroom in time for your Bunco! I hate painting or I'd come and help you lol

cityfarmer said...

I somehow missed out on this....boohoo

you might like the fun of the sounthernslang thang over at cityfarmer