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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Paying it Forward

Debbie at Talking Trash and Trash Digging and lately a contributor to the Vintage Journal... has won an award and in place of making a list of bloggers to pass it on this kind hearted gal has hit on a better idea. Post or comment at her blog, about a blog in need. One who needs prayers, or kind words, or a new blogger who just needs to know someone is out there reading what they have to say.I would like to add Days in the Life as a blogger in need of prayer. My 2 year old niece was diagnosed with the same type of cancer as this young boy. Thankfully she has now been in remission for 5 years and is doing well but she and her family went through hell for almost 2 years. There are links on this blog to places to go for information and ways to help those suffering from childhood cancer if you are so inclined. I think this should take priority over all disease suffered by adults. This blogger, Deck Ape, is the father of Cody, who is battling his second bout with Neuroblastoma. Deck Ape cites some shocking statistics about where our research priorities lie. Out of a yearly federal budget for cancer research, Breast cancer receives 12%, Prostate cancer receives 7 % and all twelve major groups of childhood cancer combined receive less than 3%. A child diagnosed with cancer receives 1/6 of the research funds per patient allocated to AIDS patients. In 2004 there were 48 new cases of pediatric AIDS vs. 12,000 cases of pediatric cancer. Each school day 46 children are diagnosed with cancer.
We should be shouting right now! I know statistics can be misleading but I think parents with sick children just don't have the energy or money it takes to fight an extra battle for Federal research funds. So let's do it for them. Spread the word to your Representatives that this is important to you. Also, of course more importantly, pray for a cure for all these little ones, and all who suffer from life threatening illness, for healing and strength for them and their families. I was going to write a short post and a link but excuse me for the rant.

Have a Blessed Sunday, P
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Unique Unique Design said...

Pam, thank you for pointing out this info. We need to hear it. It's true the "squeaky wheel gets the grease"!....and what is politically correct. But if you have ever been on the cancer ward at a Children's hospital the need for a cure is so evident. My little 6yr old stepgranddaughter was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma. Thank heaven she is in remission now after 2 plus yrs of chemo. I will be praying for Cody.


Prayers and Hugs...Prayers and Hugs...Prayers and Hugs...Lots of them...

trash talk said...

Pam, this is just what we need to be reminded of. You're the smartest of those I know. Would you as a favor to me, draft a letter that I could copy to send to the powers that be to raise my voice to a scream. Also, with you being the smartest(I'm really going to challenge you now) we need a sidebar list to keep these folks readily handy for checking in on with a title that makes it hard to ignore. Put your thinking cap on and see what you come up with. I don't want to get so caught up in life that I forget others are out there trying to live too. Thanks for an amazing post and link. Debbie

Deck Ape said...

thanks for the props. We need all the help and prayers we can get..


Maison Douce said...

What a wonderful idea!!! I've just visited their blog and left a comment... Thanks for sweet remind of what is really important in life!!!

Melis said...

Thank you for feeling and shraing the fire in your heart regarding pediatric cancer. I lost my 7-yr-old son, Max, Augusy 31, 2008 to neuroblastoma. He fought the battle for four of his seven years. The stats you posted have burned in my head for years now. It's the sad truth - and there's more than you had listed. Spread the word. Light more fires in other's hearts.

Carolyn Wing said...

Thank you for your note on childhood cancer. WE NEED IT!!!!! Carolyn Wing grandma to Laura Stage IV neuroblastoma page name LauraVDB
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