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Monday, January 26, 2009

Make Over Monday

First of all thanks so much for the lovely comments on my Pay it Forward post. I will post occasionally on this matter and give any updates on where to go to help this extremely important cause. I have included a badge with a link to Days in the Life on my sidebar. You can visit for updates on Cody as well as links for information there.
On to Make Over Monday. I am going to make Monday the day for make overs. Personal, home, junk, art, links, anything to do with taking raw material and improving on it, making it more pleasing to the eye. On that note as pleasing as this cup of hot chocolate may be, I need to avoid too much of a good thing. I am going to drag you all along with me in a quest for self improvement. I want to be healthier and happier with my self image this year. To that end I am going to take baby steps towards this goal. (It took years to put on weight so a few extra months to take it off isn't asking too much)I am not going to post my weight, a girl's gotta keep her dignity, but I will tell you I intend to lose 20 pounds by my 52nd birthday on April 18. So, to keep myself motivated I will be posting my success or failure each Monday. Thanks for indulging me. Speaking of indulgence, I do love me some chocolate but I do not think this is what weight watcher's had in mind for their treats. 1 point per piece x 10. This can't be good!
Since I am bringing you along on this journey (join me if you would like) I need to reward you as well. In reward I will post tutorials and links on many different ways to make over what you have. Different ways to refresh your treasures. Like this little tin measuring cup below. I glued a few ribbons and strips of scrap booking papers around it and Ta Da, a little Red and white container for a nosegay of sweetheart roses, (or candy, but we won't go there.)
Great for Valentines Day.
Speaking of V-day, City Farmer has been revamping old bottles and vases into fabulous candle holders and containers. Check out her blog. I took her idea and made a bottle for Valentines Day.
Some scrap book paper, label using Word from my printer, some ribbon and book pages...
and you have a lovely container for display.
I used a litle Walnut Hollow distress ink to age my collaged label.
The topper is a 90% off Christmas sale ornament from Michaels flipped upside down.
Filled with cinnamon hearts it is the perfect Love Potion. (did you know the smell of cinnamon is an aphrodisiac to men? ...Did you even want to know?)
Now how about an easy little tutorial? You will need a battery operated tea light, ($1.00 for two at Dollar Tree. Hello!) paper of your choice, (scrapbook, vintage notepaper, old book pages, etc.) pieces of ribbon, buttons, trinkets , white glue, a scissors and a pencil. You may also want Modge Podge, Goldens gel medium and some type of antiquing material (distress ink, paint, whatever you have).
Flip your paper over and trace around the base of the candle. Then turn the candle on it's side and mark your paper so you can cut a strip to encircle the candle. Cut these pieces out.
Bend your top piece slightly in half to find the center and cut a small hole for the "flame".
Cut a slit on each side of the hole to slip over your candle. Now take white glue (or Modge Podge or Golden's and cover the top of the candle beneath your paper to glue it to the candle top.
Next, cover the sides of the candle with glue and wrap the strip around, working out any creases for a smooth fit. If you want to do any antiquing now is the time. At this point you can cover the whole papered area with white glue and water, Modge Podge or Golden's to seal it.
You can wrap a piece of ribbon around the base and the sealer will act as glue to keep it in place. You can also use the Golden's medium to texture the candle to look like wax. If you want to add any buttons or trinkets use tacky glue to be sure they do not pop off later.
The possibilities are endless. Wouldn't these be cute teacher's or hostess gifts in a pretty tea light holder?
You could place one at each setting for a dinner party as a gift to guests. Think of all the themes!
An added plus is you won't burn your house down. Enjoy!

Have a brilliant Monday, P.
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Geralyn Gray said...

MOM MakeOver Monday--can't take the mom out of you! I love all of your ideas. Your goal for April sounds good. I know writing it down really helps. I did reach a 25lb loss last year.....but, now it is a 20lb loss. 5lbs. gain isn't too bad of a gain in one year. This time of year is great for your morale too. The holidays should be about eating and drinking---in my book anyway. I'll will join you in your quest for Mondays. I am just working on making over a pile of dirty laundry into a cleaned folded pile of laundry right now.

Geralyn Gray said...

I meant to tell you I loved your brilliant craftiness today, too. Ok I made over my refrigerator--it was empty and now it is full---3 hours later---where does time go??????? If I read a blog and they say they just joined a swap I run over and see if it it full or not. The easter egg one--click on it...I LINKED it!!!!!!!WOW!!!! I think she is still looking for 5 more people....brilliant!!!!!!! Otherwise I will keep an eye out for you and let you know!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

You have been eating your Wheaties! Look at what all you've been doing. Love it! My favorite flicker light is the one with newspaper. Let me know if you want to send it to me and I'll get my address to you. HA! And your goal of 20 pounds sounds doable. Good for you! ~Mindy

trash talk said...

Really? Cinnamon, huh? I always thought a breeze was all they needed. I learned a lot from you today. That ornament on top was the cherry on top of a darling project. You really are too much. Me, I'm just all thumbs. Tn'T

nikkicrumpet said...

Brilliant idea on the little tea lights. They turned out so cute!!! I love your clever and simple tutorials!

cityfarmer said...

I'll take a little of that love potion, please.

love the bottle!!!!

keep it coming, I'm "following" you now.

my kitchen makeover blog is on the stove simmering.

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Tooooooooooo cute the sifter redo! You have been busy....I wish I only had 20 to lose....I have double tht I want to get off by the end of June for our vacation. cherry

Frippery said...

As I say, baby steps, I am taking it slow. I have lot's more than 20 pounds to lose. Just trying to take it in bits so I don't get discouraged. Pam

The Hussy Housewife said...

You should soooo join my Muffin Top Killers blog. Loose weight and laugh at the same time. We even have our very our personal trainer and nutritionist!

email me if you want in on the fun! Good luck on a better you :)

delighted heart said...

I'm with you in the weight loss girlfriend! This is my second week at the beach...South Beach! I can't say I haven't cheated at all but cheated less than other diets! I'm believing this one is going to produce results! Planning on doing a post about it help stay on track. Your tealights are so cute! Clever you! And I'm off to look for a bottle...Double Clever!
Blessings and thanks for your cute comments!