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Friday, January 2, 2009

Good Times

Time for the big clean up. I am taking down Christmas but I may leave a bit of New Years around for a while. I love the clean slate when the decorations are gone, however I do miss the sparkle. I am hosting our Bunco group mid January so I am toying with the idea of using my silver garland and snowflakes for a bit of New Years bling 'til then. What do you think? Is it too much for too long?New Years Eve was spent with some of our oldest and dearest friends. The kind that feel as comfortable as a soft robe and slippers to be around. So we had a PJ party and loads of fun. We played a great party game I learned from my sister-in-law. Take several boxes, from the size of a computer box down to a small gift box and be sure they will fit inside one another. Place a gift in the smallest of these. (It is best if the gift isn't breakable as this game can get WILD) Wrap each box with packing tape and gift wrap, place inside the next larger box and continue until you have the biggest box wrapped and full of the other boxes. (For adults use lots of strapping tape etc. to increase the difficulty of opening) Put two dice in a container or bowl for ease of passing around quickly. You will also need a hat, scarf and mittens. Each player rolls the dice then quickly passes them to the next player. If doubles are rolled that player must put on the hat, scarf and mittens and try to open the box. Meanwhile other players continue to roll. When doubles is rolled again that player takes the hat, scarf and mittens and takes over. It is surprising how many doubles are rolled and how fast the game moves.
Before one person gets the mittens on two more have rolled doubles. It is a riot!
Everyone is laughing and so determined to get to that last box.
My friend Mary succeeded in retrieving the slipper socks from the smallest box. This would be a great game for birthday parties and I'm sure all of you creative gals could come up with variations for many occasions. It was so much fun we wished we had wrapped two sets of boxes so we could play again.
We hung out in the basement by the fire, my friend Lynn got into the spirit by toasting her toes.
The men watched football while the girls chatted by the fire. We were even joined by my son and 4 of his friends for a while. I think it was the loveliest New Year we have spent since our kids were little. Being surrounded by good friends like these is the most blessed way to welcome the New Year.
I hope you had a joyful celebration as well.

Have a shiny new Friday, P
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Jodie LeJeune said...

Definitely a good time was had it seems! The game sounds fun and from the pictures, it looks like ya'll had a blast! I say keep the's never never wrong to keep the bling for too long!
Good luck at Bunco!

trash talk said...

You know how I feel about sparkle-never enough. I say if it makes you happy, do it!!! One of my trashette's first words was "shiny". Your party looked like a party to end all parties. What fun. I may try that gift idea at a baby shower I'm planning. Of course, the mother-to-be may have to stay out of the way. Glad you had such a great New Year's. Here's to the fun continuing into 2009. Debbie

Anonymous said...

I would keep the silver and snowflakes up for the Bunco party. Silver is pretty all year long. The game looks Fun! Sue

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I say keep the silver up. I'm enjoying my silver still. Wouldn't it be fun up with red added for February-Valentine's Day? And with red, white, blue and silver for the 4th of July? Hmm...

The party looked like a blast! I had a pj party for New Year's, too. Fun!


Sue said...


I don't think leaving your New Year "bling" up a while longer would be too much! I have a hard time letting go too. I always put my stuff up late in December, because I leave it up until after my birthday (which happens to be mother always said that Hank Williams death on New Year's day in 1953 put her into labor...I think she was only 1/2 kidding!)

Anyway, I am glad you had such an enjoyable New Year's Eve. As I watch the people in Times Square, I felt sorry for them. Not only was it SO BITTER COLD that night, but can you imagine being in that sea of humanity? How do they go to the bathroom, is what I always wonder. NOT my cup of tea, so say the least!

The English Cottage Collection said...

Go for it! A little sparkle is always good! The game looks like it was a hoot!! How fun~
Happy New Year~Debra

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

That looks like a blast!!! Glad to hear you and your friends brought the New Year in with a huge smile on your faces!

I say leave a little blingy up. Nothing like some sparkle at night!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy New Year, too!!


nikkicrumpet said...

I can't see what a little sparkle and bling can't be used clear til the end of winter! Looks like you guys had a great time!!!

delighted heart said...

Hi Pam....Thanks for stoping by and for the sweet comments! Your new years game looked like a hoot! We will have to try it with all our kids. Loved your pink and white roses and your post on downtown Chicago. The photos were really great...I've never been but they seemed to capture the "feel". You are welcome to use my chair koozie idea. I'd love to see pics of your bunko party. Keep the decorations up! I'm leaving mine up for another week! Have a happy new year!

KarenB said...

This is my first visit, I really like your game idea. I've never heard of that before. Sounds like a blast. I also understand the need for some continued sparkle after the holidays. The only problem I have is getting it all put away in the right place after January. I have tons of snowflakes, will you keep sparkly ornaments out? I like to mix the snowflakes maybe with pinecones. Please show pictures when you've finished. I am hosting Bunco in February. I'll definitely go with a Valentine theme, but am anxious to see what you do.