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Friday, January 16, 2009

A Blog Award for Friendship

Darling Debbie at Talkin Trash sent me a truly lovely award. I must pass this on to 8 more deserving bloggers and they in turn must do the same. A wonderful way to be exposed to even more soul sistas in Blogland. This award is based on the premise that we can connect to friends we may never meet in person but who share the sames dreams and visions as we do. I must also pass along the text that accompanies this award..."This blog invests and believes in Proximity:nearness in space, time and relationship.
These blogs are exceedingly charming.
These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends.
They are not interested in praise or self aggrandizement.
Our hope is when the ribbons of these prizes are cut even more friendships are propagated. Please pay attention to these writers.
These are some very wonderful gals to visit.
They are thoughtful and friendly and have so many wonderful ideas."

I am including a photo from each of my award recipients along with a link to give you a taste of what fun is going on in each of their little corners of wonderful Blogland.
(I also had to post a picture of Debbie's fabulous tablescape below.) Thanks for the award TnT, you are a treasure!
Photo:Debbie, Talking Trash

The Savvy City Farmer, outside of Chicago is a furniture reclaimer extraordinaire. She can turn junk into gold. I am inspired by the way she uses vintage treasures to make an exceedingly elegant home for herself and her loving family.

Photo: Savvy City Farmer

Next on the list of deserving blogs is Joys of Home. She shares some wonderful decorating and craft ideas. She is another gal who can turn a piece of junk into a jewel and shows us how to as well. A very generous blogger.
Photo: Joys of Home

A blogger who isn't afraid to speak her mind and share her views, Sue at Love His Appearing , is also a fellow Bengals (dare I say?) fan. If there really are any left. She will give you food for thought.Poster borrowed from Love His Appearing

Under the banner of exceedingly charming as well as ready to share wonderful ideas for making art is the lovely and stylish Amy at Inspire Co. Such colorful eye candy and lovely instructions for charming crafts can be had at her place. She also shares the ups and downs of her experience with fostering a little boy that will touch your heart. Photo:Amy, Inspire Co.

The next two gals on my list I had the greatest pleasure meeting and becoming long distance friends with at Silver Bella last year.
Geralyn at Greetings from Geralyn is a vintage artist who uses lovely old postcards and buttons in her work. She is the proud mother of twins, a boy and girl, soon to graduate from high school. (same age as my daughter) She is a kind and lovely person and I was lucky to meet her and am so glad we can keep in touch through blogging. Being from New Jersey she is also a huge Bruce Springsteen fan. (me too)

Photo: Geralyns New Year trip to Paris

Another treasured friend I met in Omaha is Jodie of Everything Vintage. This girl has a real reverence for vintage ephemera and the sense of history and lives that were lived before us that it contains. We spent a lovely afternoon hunting for treasure with Sandy from Pittsburgh (Who still doesn't have a blog if she is reading this!) She has a camera to die for and a photographers eye to accompany it. She also makes beautiful beaded jewelry. (She collects funeral cards as well, but thats another story) Photo:Jodie LeJeune

This Ohio girl, Lisa of Urban Farmhouse, is included among "the Romantics" in this months issue of Romantic Home Magazine. She has a shop in Thornville, Ohio, a few hours from me. I vow to get myself there sometime this spring. Her photos are gorgeous. I can't wait to visit her shop. Again, lots of eye candy and inspiration.Last but not least, Sandi of Victorian Gypsy. I met Sandi at Silver Bella as well. A talented artist and lover of vintage treasures. She recently posted pictures of her creative space. Isn't this beautiful? You must visit her to see some more of this room and her thoughts on all things creative. She has Victorian heart and a gypsy soul.
Photo:Sandi at The Victorian Gypsy
I know you will find new friends and kindred spirits among these lovely, thoughtful and creative women. I did.

Have a caring Friday, P.
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Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Congrats to you, Pam! And now, I will spend the rest of the evening reading up on your awardees. Sweet! ~Mindy

Geralyn Gray said...

Awwww....thanks Pam. I am looking forward to looking at everyone's blog you have listed, too. Jodie's and Sandy's I've been frequently checking out. I love the pictures you chose........I have craftroom envy of Sandy's room and image envy of Jodies image collection......that's why I love blogging. It's cold outside but you still feel the warmth when visiting all of these blogs. I enjoyed your bunco posts.....I'll let you know when I actually get to play.

cityfarmer said...

whatn a lovely read at the end of a long day of sewing....wait til you see what I conjured up today.
I'l be posting this weekend

I MUST make the time to "play" the blog award game....there are sooooooo many deserving divas out there.

muchas smoochas

trash talk said...

Do you know how comforting it is to know that end of the day, I have someone like you in my corner. Thanks for being my friend. Now I'm off to have a look see at your gold medal winners. Deb

Sue said...

Wow, Pam...

Thanks SO MUCH for my award. When I read that you had given me one and told me to come pick it up, I was thinking, "I don't know how!". LOL

It is my very first award and therefore very special to me. Thanks for including me in your list of blogging friends. I will choose my 8 awardees soon as well as checking out all the other award winners.

I hope you have a very WARM weekend.

Jodie LeJeune said...

Thank You Pam! And also congratulations to you too! I have visited each of these wonderful blogs and I tell ya...I have no idea how I fit in to this elite company! Some I visit frequently and as I visited some for the first time, I was so enchanted by the beautiful photography and interesting stories. Thanks for taking me to these places...I so enjoyed my visits! You are too sweet!

Geralyn Gray said...

I am with Sue--I am honored, but I don't know how to cut and paste very well. It is a goal and I am close to learning the whole linking thing. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up my award sometime soon. Thanks so much for visiting me and bringing visitors my way.

Urban Farmhouse said...

Thank you Pam! So very kind of you! Love your blog and that powder room makeover is gorgeous, you have started me thinking about my own! Can't wait to tell my husband the news! :-)

Joy said...

Hey, congratulations on your award!!!
Thanks sooo much for giving me one too. Wow! You awarded some very talented people. I feel very honored to be listed among them. Thank you!!!