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“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” R. W. Emerson

Friday, November 28, 2008

A Good Time Was Had By All

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did. I took this picture at 6:30 am on Thanksgiving morning. My sweet Sadie spent the previous evening emptying walnut shells for me. In the morning I glued on ribbon and filled them with mini M&M's for each place setting. You know how I love tiny things.We went for simplicity this year. Since I turned my dining room into a reading room I now have my big table in the family room. So instead of my wedding china I set the tables with mismatched thrifted china. So much more fun. The centerpiece was a thrift store frame turned tray, scattered with pine and boxwood boughs from the yard, and a few left over walnuts. A couple of glass dishes with candles and some autumn colored plastic gems from Michaels.
I did use my crystal wine glasses and my mother-in-laws sterling flatware which is encrusted with floral carvings on the handles. So beautiful. Instead of serving at the table as we usually do, we served buffet style. This may become a new tradition.
We were joined by my mother and my brother and his family as well as my oldest friend's Barb and Kathy and Barb's family. There were 15 of us in all. The kid's table was similarly decked out. The candy filled nuts sat atop napkins folded into the glasses.
A prayer at the children's table.
Two of the boys at the "Children's table are college students, but they were good sports and joined in the fun.
Everyone gathered in the basement to play various games.
What American holiday doesn't include kids gathered around the video game console?
I love a holiday full of violent games don't you?
This is my friend Barb's son, Sam, a college freshman this year.
It wasn't all video games, here my son Joe and his grandma work together on a jig saw puzzle. This is another of our traditions.
My youngest nephew, Dylan, lends a hand.

Family, friends, food and love, how much richer could anyone be?

Have a Friday full of gratitude, P.
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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a lovely day with friends and family.(No I don't serve squirrel for Thanksgiving. I just couldn't bear to post a picture of the day's feast still walking on two legs, completely unaware of his fate)

Have a Thankful Thursday, P.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tiny Things

Last Silver Bella pictures, promise. Do you love tiny things? Itty bitty , cute and fun junk? This was a project from Jenni Bowlin's Tiny Treasures class. So much fun to make. I can't wait to make more. What great little stocking stuffers or gift tags that are a gift themselves. There are a million ways to personalize them to the recipient.I love red, and rust, and junk...
Tiny pages full of tiny words...
Tiny bits of ephemera...
Tiny drawings...
Tiny tags...
So tiny they can sit on a silver candy dish...
On a small red desk...
In a little corner.

Have a diminutive Tuesday, P.
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Monday, November 24, 2008

Nest Emptying

My little peach has grown up so quickly I could have missed it if I didn't make an effort to linger over moments that seemed to say "pay attention, this is your one chance".
Heading out the door to the last Father Daughter dance I managed to grab a few pictures of my little bird so ready to take flight. (She is almost more photo averse than her mom) Senior year is an exciting time, full of activity, but also packed with "last times" for moms and dads.
Sadie attends an all girl's school and each year for the Father Daughter dance there is a special t-shirt designed as a little memory of that year. Each girl and each dad gets one. The shirt from 2007 is one that never fails to bring a tear to my eye. I think it truly sums up every parent's ambivalent emotions about their child's pending adulthood. (It is a Billy Ray Cyrus/Hannah Montana song which of course seems lame to the girl's but us mom's and dads are lame anyway)
The back of the shirt says...
"She's at the startin' line of the rest of her life
As ready as she's ever been
Got the hunger and the stars in her eyes
The prize is her's to win
She's waitin' on my blessings before she hit's that open road
Baby get ready, get set, don't go."

Have a memorable Monday, P.

P.S. I am sitting here crying, truly lame!
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Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Santa Book

I finished my sweet little Christmas notebook that Pam Garrison taught at Silver Bella. It is so cute, with lots of space to jot notes and ideas for this Christmas season and then pack away to peruse on future holidays.I may still add some glitter (sorry Jodie) or maybe just distress ink to the page edges. I am seriously excited about using this for all my Christmas thoughts this year, it is just sooo much fun.
Have a colorful Saturday, P.
P.S. For some very well photographed pictures from Silver Bella go to Everything Vintage
Jodie has a to-die-for camera and the girl has SKILLS. (Except with removing double chins from someones face, oh well, I guess Weight Watcher's is a better option)
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Friday, November 21, 2008

Silver Bella Vendor Fair

I wanted to show you some of the gorgeous, fun things I bought at the Vendor Fair at Silver Bella. I actually was quite good and saved some money for all the goodies I bought at the antique shops. However I could not pass up this adorable Advent calendar from the talented Geralyn.
Each one of the drawers has a little treat to use in your art work. (No I haven't peeked yet although it is sooo hard not too.) I plan on using each piece that day in a tiny piece of art to share with a friend. (Or hog all to myself if I can't part with it)
She also decorated these vintage postcards in my favorite color combination of red and spa blue. Tiny red glitter decorates the ladies dresses.
A vintage button accents the side of each one.
I bought a splendid chandelier ornament as well as silver bells and a 2009 book of days from Deb at Curious Sofa.
I would love to visit her shop someday. It really looks over the top!

I also purchased a felt pin from this sweet girl, shown with her hubby in the cutest little space in the vendor fair. Just like a doll house. Princess Lasertron
and her hubby Dave along with her mom and dad did a lovely job setting up all of her beautiful wares.

All the lovely Bella prom queens in their finest vintage attire. (Sorry about the poor picture quality in this post. I am not yet adept at low light situations.)

A bunch of talented beauties indeed.

Have a decked out Friday, P. (or maybe a "Twilight" one, tee hee)
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

U.C. Bound, My Artist

We interrupt this Silver Bella blather fest for other news. Zombies have invaded the U.S.A. (I just needed an excuse for one more Halloween picture.) My little zombie has been accepted at the School of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. Now she can return from the dead and enjoy the rest of her Senior year. What a relief as this was really the only choice she would have been happy with. I had to flip through her drawing board and post a few pictures of some recent homework, proud mama that I am. An ink and watercolor painting of her cousin Jacob,
a colored pencil drawing of her favorite singer from the Horror Pops,
an acrylic wash of her friend and classmate Katie. I am so glad to see her following her dream. She has never wanted to be anything but an artist. Now it will become a reality for her. Go Sadie!
It is the best feeling in the world to see your children off to a happy future.

Have a Cloud 9 Thursday, P.

P.S. I changed my music because you know what is coming to the theaters on Friday, right?
My daughter and her friends are all reading it and I even read the first one myself. If you have to ask you either don't have teenage girls or you are not into what's new at the cinema. I just thought Ghost Bees was an appropriately moody choice of music in anticipation of "you know what."
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Silver Bella Junk Drunk

Is it possible to be drunk on junk? That is how I feel after Silver Bella. I have always been a collector of the old, used and well loved pieces of the past, but mostly I would buy things in fairly good condition so that with a tweak here and a dab of paint there they could be re-purposed for my home or a sale. Now I have a reason to hunt for REAL Junk, broken bits of hardware and jewelry and books with broken bindings and pages spilling out. I am reeling from the possibilities. I brought loads of this flotsam home from Omaha and I can't wait to dig in. Look at this pile of books, papers, magazines, and cards...all waiting to be cut up, glued, sewn, painted on, all in the name of art.
I want to make jewelry and ornaments and dolls and collages with all these cast off treasures.
Maybe a pair of over-sized Bootsy Collins or Elton John glasses with button covered frames to wear. (Do ya dare me?) I'm so junk drunk I just might.
Here are a few of the things we created in the classes I took at Silver Bella from Jenni Bowlin and Teresa Mcfayden. The green envelope holds the many cards from all the great women I met, and already miss, by the way.
Carolyn Peeler taught a class in backgrounds and since I have not done any collage art before this really helped me get started. (I have always been a traditional artist, this has really opened the doors in my brain to new ways of looking at art)
Kimberly Kwan taught a class on distressing a frame and using burlap and chicken wire as a background. I brought my Little Red Riding Hood postcard to incorporate in this one. You know I love me some LRR or any creepy fairy tale for that matter. This is going on my wall below my Little Red shrine. (Ohh... a shrine..that's got me thinking...)

Two of my favorite things, art and junk, all rolled into one big ball of fun. Who knew?

Have a junky Wednesday, P.
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back From Silver Bella

We returned from Omaha last night and I have so much to share that my head is going to pop, so... to avoid that happening I am going to arrange, organize and take it slow. What an absolutely delightful experience! The women were all talented, fun, friendly, kind, beautiful, creative, imaginative, generous... I could really go on all day.I have made new friends from all over the place and I already miss them. I learned lot's of new things, came home with two "new" vintage suitcases for all of my goodies and my head is buzzing with ideas. Omaha is a rockin' city with lot's of artsy and vintage style. Thanks so much to Teresa and all the Silver Bella's for making this event a reality. To all my new friends, Geralyn, Jodie, Sandra Lee (Sandy), Stephanie...on and on...Thanks for all the fun, I will keep in touch and visit via Blogland.
I also want to thank my dear hubby Joe for coming with me so I didn't have to fly alone. If it weren't for him I wouldn't have gotten to Omaha, not to mention he picks up my tab for everything. (He says his nickname is "Receipts" 'cause that what he usually brings home ) It's lovely to be spoiled. Thank you, Honey.
As soon as I dig through all my pretties I will post pics of everything, right now I gotta do some laundry!
Have a fab Tuesday, P.
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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Baby and Karma Notice Something

Hey Karma, if you put your nose on the table and stare, sometimes a piece of food will magically fall on the floor.Aroo? Karma have you seen mom and dad lately?
I don't remember seeing them for a while.
Are they in here?
I don't see them.
Where do you think they are?
We've looked left and right...
up and down...Hmmm...where can they be?
I hope they'll be back soon.
I really miss them.

Who's gonna toss football with me?

We'll be back soon, girls!

Have a sweet Saturday, P.
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