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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winner and Winnetka

First, I want to announce the winner of my give away, Sue at Bella Shabby! Hurray for you, Sue! I will post a picture of the treats I am sending her way tomorrow. Today I have lot's and lot's of pictures for you.

We drove in fog for the whole trip to Chicago, we could not even see more than a few car lengths ahead. My son stayed home with the dogs because we couldn't find any place to board them, all full for the holidays. We stayed in Evanston , about 15 minutes from Winnetka. Unfortunately the weather was so foggy and rainy we didn't get to take any pictures of Winnetka. I will post pictures of our trip last year so I can show the kids in front of the...yes...Home Alone house.
This trip we spent the daylight hours shopping and walking Michigan Ave.
The only sun we had was Sunday when we were leaving. I snapped a few shots in Evanston Sunday of a cute bookshop in an alley...and the train station down the street from our hotel.
Friday night we had a little family Christmas and played a rousing game called the "box" game.

You have to roll dice to take a turn trying to open taped and wrapped gift boxes while wearing a hat, scarf and mittens. My niece and nephews informed us that you could use anything but your teeth.
It was wild and crazy. I am going to do this for my New Years Eve party! Scooter cheered everyone on.
Saturday, our nephew, A, accompanied us to downtown Chicago to enjoy shopping and decorations. We met the rest of the family later in the day. It poured rain all day but at least the temperature remained in the 50's.
This gorgeous church was dressed for Christmas.
A row of wooden lambs lit the courtyard in front.
The shape of this tree was beautiful, stark and twisting.
The water tower and part of the Hancock building. Don't you love the contrast of old facades against bold, modern structures? Like watching the passage of time before your eyes.
Rain kept falling.
The city is stunning in any weather.
Touches of Christmas could be found everywhere.
This river has seen so much change.
Uncle Joe and A at lunch. This tiny Asian restaurant also made wedding and birthday cakes.
Our niece R, with my daughter and her friend K.
As evening fell the city came alive with lights.
The rain really added to the beauty, reflected light was everywhere.
The rush of traffic and the shoppers with umbrellas seemed festive although Christmas had already passed.
The street lights glowed with halos of mist.
The colors of umbrellas rivaled the stoplights and window displays.
This photo makes me think of the opening lines of "Silver Bells"... City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in Holiday style...
Uncle Joe decided to treat himself to a Garmin GPS. R and B were happy to be dry...
and off their feet for a minute.
Darkness falls and the lights start their show.
Just lovely.
We left the city to check out Wicker Park and do a little vintage clothes shopping.
Had to get a pic of the two headed doll named Sadie and Katie (one of Sadie's best friend's is named Katie) too funny.
Back to D and T's. Do these kids looked starved?
And tired?
The girls.
R has a story for every occasion.
I think these girls had a good time.
I know Uncle Joe and A did.
Thanks D and T for showing us a wonderful time.

Have a Tuesday full of surprises, P.
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trash talk said...

Your photos are wonderful. I could really feel your city. Well, if I couldn't win I'm glad Sue did. I love the two headed doll. Where can I get one for the 2 Chippy's? BTW, I'm still waiting for a photo of the "COAT"!!! Debbie

cityfarmer said...

Oh my, I know every shot so well...the church~~~"Fourth Pres"....that's the shortened version by Chicagoans...Fourth's a lovely place.
My niece was proposed to there in the courtyard. Tony scattered rose petals all over the ground and took candles and lit them, then proposed.

So glad you experienced the windy city

cityfarmer said...

p.s. do I win a prize for knowing the church??? tehe

Anonymous said...

Hi Pam , Yippeee! Thank you again for having the Giveaway and choosing my name. I love all the photos and Dan Fogelberg playing in the background, Sue

Anonymous said...

A beautiful city. Makes me want to go visit. Your pictures are really fabulous, but the two headed doll is just a little creepy.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I love seeing love in pictures! I'm glad to hear of this wonderful time you had with your family. ~Mindy

vintagepaletteart said...

What gorgeous pics of the city! I have never been there but did get to see the outline of the skyscape while landing in the early morning hours at Midway airport on my spring trip to Cali. It was way off in the distance on a foggy morning and it reminded me of the Emerald City in the wizrd of Oz! LOL

Happy Holidays!!!

pedalpower said...

Chi of my favorite places. That church is so pretty...on a summer day you can go into the courtyard, and it's amazing how peaceful and much quieter it is...and it's only a little off the street.

Thanks for sharing the pics...I didn't get up there to see the lights this year :o(