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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Spirit

I feel sometimes that the Christmas Spirit has been lost amid all the rush to get the gifts and the decorating and the projects and the whatever finished . The past few weeks have made me realize how over the top this season has become. We seem to lose the real meaning in all the striving to make Christmas "perfect". We would all love a story book Christmas, and most of us have been blessed by those "story book" moments, but not because we have created them but because we have let them happen in spite of all the distractions.I don't write too much here about personal issues but I feel I need to get my point across. Since Thanksgiving I have had several medical tests including an endometrial biopsy, a D&C, a biopsy of my esophagus as well as an upper endoscopy, colonoscopy and my mammogram(might as well do it all at once). Thankfully all my results came back fine, scary and inconvenient but a happy ending.
Then on Monday, Dec. 1st, (my son's 21st birthday) our dear friend Ron lost his 24 year old son to cancer 6 months after being diagnosed. He just graduated from Ohio State University with his Masters in Education and would have been a K to 3 teacher. One of the kindest and truly good kids I have had the privilege to meet. He was buried this past Saturday,
needless to say, a devastating blow to his family and friends. He and his father Ron were very close and Ron gave a beautiful eulogy to his son. He spoke about how, when Tyler was growing up they would lay on the roof of their home and look at the stars. On the back of the Funeral program was a poem Tyler wrote as a child about how much he loved the stars, the last two lines read..."Sometimes I wish I was a star, but I'm not allowed to go that far." As his father said, Tyler is now in Heaven among the stars he so loved.
We had dinner with Ron and his lovely girlfriend Debbie last night. I realized how although we do not understand God's reasons , He does provide for us in some cosmic karma way. Ron met Debbie almost three years ago. She is the mother of six children who lost her husband to cancer. She and Ron experienced "love at first sight" and are truly well matched. It seems to me that God placed them together knowing what Ron and his family would be facing a few years down the road. Someone to lean on, who understood a loss to cancer and all it entails.
So...good or bad, we do not know what each year will bring us. Let's make our Christmas season about more than the prettiest decorations or getting the gift list just right. Relax and enjoy what makes you happy. If the trees and tinsel make your soul soar then by all means deck the halls to the tiniest corner, but don't let it overwhelm you. I am taking a less is more, use what I love attitude this year. I had big plans for all the art making and crafting and decorations but instead of joy it was bringing stress, so I will just visit all of you and enjoy what you have created. Don't worry I will share what I did get accomplished. Also look for a post sharing the homes of some friends who had way more energy this year than I did.
Hold your friends and family close and cherish them this Christmas. (and always) Make it a time of reflection and peace and it will become the "story book" time we all long for.
I want you to know I cherish all my bloggy friends, those I have met and those I only feel like I have met because we are so alike. Thanks for visiting me here and making this all so much fun.
Take a lesson from Shadow here, serenity and calm are what Christmas should be all about.
Does she look stressed? I think not. Have a beautiful and blessed Christmas season. I look forward to sharing it all with you.

Have a serene Saturday, P.
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