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Friday, November 21, 2008

Silver Bella Vendor Fair

I wanted to show you some of the gorgeous, fun things I bought at the Vendor Fair at Silver Bella. I actually was quite good and saved some money for all the goodies I bought at the antique shops. However I could not pass up this adorable Advent calendar from the talented Geralyn.
Each one of the drawers has a little treat to use in your art work. (No I haven't peeked yet although it is sooo hard not too.) I plan on using each piece that day in a tiny piece of art to share with a friend. (Or hog all to myself if I can't part with it)
She also decorated these vintage postcards in my favorite color combination of red and spa blue. Tiny red glitter decorates the ladies dresses.
A vintage button accents the side of each one.
I bought a splendid chandelier ornament as well as silver bells and a 2009 book of days from Deb at Curious Sofa.
I would love to visit her shop someday. It really looks over the top!

I also purchased a felt pin from this sweet girl, shown with her hubby in the cutest little space in the vendor fair. Just like a doll house. Princess Lasertron
and her hubby Dave along with her mom and dad did a lovely job setting up all of her beautiful wares.

All the lovely Bella prom queens in their finest vintage attire. (Sorry about the poor picture quality in this post. I am not yet adept at low light situations.)

A bunch of talented beauties indeed.

Have a decked out Friday, P. (or maybe a "Twilight" one, tee hee)
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trash talk said...

OMG I love everything you got, especially the advent box. That is too darn cute. I want a pair of those chandalier ornaments for earrings! Debbie

Geralyn Gray said...

u r 2 sweet---I know I've said it before. I was out of blogland for the weekend, thanks for showing off the advent calender, I put one up on etsy. I am so out of it I don't know how to link it to my blog. Maybe this week I'll get the hang of that.